cnet article: How YouTube’s Coachella webcast changed the world

Great article by Daniel Terdiman on why Youtube, Wrigleys and Coachella got together to live stream one of the best music festivals in the world.

“If you didn’t catch YouTube’s streaming webcast of the Coachella music festival last weekend, you missed a chance to see the music world changing before your eyes…..”

I love these big global webcasts as it shows how territorial broadcast boundaries are being eroded, and how the global community can come together. Thankfully Youtube didn’t apply any IP address geo-targeting for the live stream, and so for me watching the reunion of Big Audio Dynamite, who as at time of writing have not announced a visit to Australia, was a special experience. Sadly the on-demand clips on the official site have been IP address geo-targeted and so you’ll have to do with this bootleg!

Reminds me of buying bootleg tapes of gigs at University. Was it illegal – yes. Any revenue to the artist – No. Was my love for the band enhanced – Yes. Did I buy their vinyl, merchanidse, and pay to see them on tour – Yes.

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