The Beasties are back with long form vid and live stream

After a significant hiatus, those not so boyish Beastie Boys return with their new album Hot Sauce Committee, Part Two. <aBuy it here.

Now any new album launch involves varied marketing tactics yet the Beasties always approach it differently.
Social media thrives on word of mouth, so creating a 30minute video, parodying themselves from when they were rather beastly boys in the 1988 smash ‘(You gotta) Fight for your right (to Party) showed a nice self-deprecating attitude, but then to throw in all manner of celeb acting mates from Jack Black, to Steve Buschemi, to Will Farrell and more was a stroke of genius.

A live stream of an event is nothing new these days for album launches, so of course the Beastie boys turn it on their head by streaming their entire new album, Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 live at center court of Madison Square Garden. A Sasquatch came too. As you'd expect.

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