New model for the music industry?

Never really got the Kaiser Chiefs. They’ve had their moments, but too much mediocrity for my liking. However, the launch of their new album piqued my interest enough to buy their new album
I read about the ‘zero publicity’ launch in an article by Peter Paphides in The Guardian
Burned by past leaks, Kaiser Chiefs release their new album today after exactly zero buildup – and it might well be the world’s first bespoke record. The band explain all

The website is fun, clean, well designed and easy to use. My engagement on the site must have been at least half an hour as I listened to all 20 tracks, and was pleasantly surprised with the difficult choice to choose 10 out of the 20 tracks available to make my album. After some cute artwork deign choices and soon I was automatically linked to my Paypal, where the strong
Aussie dollar meant that I only spent a measly $11 on a new album!

So here’s my album, go check it out:

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