Still Standing project for The Salvation Army

Sometimes in my job it can get a bit tedious hearing the usual corporate marketing speak. But some projects at times make you feel that what you do is worthwile.

Australia is prone to many natural disasters and the (social) media commentary during these occasions is tsunami like, to pardon a bad pun.

What is unknown is that whilst at the time its devastatingly tragic for those involved, the pain often hits months or years after, as the centre of attention moves elsewhere. I personally felt it myself when my Mum died. The hardest part was a year on when friends, quite naturally and understandably, stopped asking after me.

Suicide and depression is a very real and difficult issue for survivors of natural disaters.

So when we were asked to help publish a film by The Salvation Army, it subject matter was something very close to me.

Take the time to watch it – its beautifully shot and provides a great source of comfort and inspiration.

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