Some press in IT wire

I got interviewed ooh at least 3 months ago by Richard Raber for IT Wire, Australia’s most read independent technology news source. on the role that online video plays for brands these days
I’d completely forgotten about it when my Google Alerts brought the following article to my attention

Web video content a steady and powerful creeper

I recently chatted with Nick Bolton, Head of Media and Entertainment at internet broadcasting company – Viocorp.
Nick predicts an online future where “brands will become broadcasters”. He foresees a variation on the current model whereby reality TV shows like ‘The Block’ currently has appropriate and loyal sponsors/advertisers. “A franchise like Bunnings will probably have its own TV show streaming on its own IPTV portal with a series of ‘How To’ videos”.
Nick sees a future where every major retailer (and not so major) will have its own online TV channel.

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