Sarah Blackwood crowdfunding her new single

You may have seen Walk of the Earth‘s cover of Gotye‘s classic ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ – 5 people all playing one guitar!

Not only a talented bunch but I also liked their innovative approach to attracting audiences. I’m sure Gotye approves as well.

So I clicked the link to find out more about the rather attractive and extremely talented Sarah Blackwood and came across yet another creative and inspiring method to attract audience and sell product. Sarah has hand painted 500 vinyl covers and made them available for sale via PayPal

I’ll let Sarah explain it here

And watch the making of the video here

Just love how Sarah has gone direct to her audience, utilising online video and social networks, in a very creative manner.

Hope it works well for her.

And yes I did buy a vinyl single!

One Response to Sarah Blackwood crowdfunding her new single

  1. polly says:

    wow… those vinyls look awesome

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