Moshcam’s first live stream a huge success

Been talking with John and Paul from for a few years now in regards to their online video strategy for the site. They’ve done enormously well to get to 4years old, with over 1000 gigs on their site and some terrific viewing figures, with limited revenue generation.

As I keep on saying, monetisation only occurs once you have a big archive of content and and healthy audience numbers. now that Moshcam have acquired both, its time to take to the next step of commercialisation and monetisation. Live streaming is one such premium content method.

On Saturday 7th January 2012 we live streamed The Dresden Dolls, from The Enmore Theatre in Sydney with huge viewing figures all over the world.

Press release:
This was our very first real time live stream online and by any measure it went rather well. The webcast trended number 1 on Twitter globally as fans gathered in their thousands to watch, even though it was 2am in Los Angeles, 5am in New York, and in Europe they watched over cornflakes and croissants.

As always, you can watch the full gig on Moshcam. It’s a glorious set full of Dresden Dolls classics, including ‘Coin Operated Boy‘, ‘Half Jack‘ and ‘Mandy Goes To Med School‘. But if covers are your thing,there’s more than a few to keep you satisified, including T-Rex’s ‘Cosmic Dancer, Nick Cave’s ‘The Mercy Seat and an inspired romp through the Beastie Boys ‘Fight For Your Right.

Watch the whole gig here

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