Rebirth of the Mixtape

The mixtape has sadly not been part of my life for well over a decade now
I can recall at about aged 14 taping my favourite tracks from the Top 40 onto cassette, cursing myself if I pressed Record too early and had some drivel spoken by Dave Lee Travis or Kid Jensen, whoever was the deejay.
Once I started buying music, I then started compiling my own mixtapes to swap with friends and (prospective) girlfriends just to show how cool and cutting edge i was(nt)

Then of course Mr John Peel entered my world and changed the way I appreciated music forever.
The mixtape was rejuvenated.

At 19, I blew all of my first year student loan on a pair of Technics 1210‘s and then the challenge became to mix a whole side without any duff beats. Some challenge!
I can recall sending tapes to mates at other uni’s around England, and receiving tapes back from them.

Sadly the mixtape for me died a death in about 1995.

So I was very very pleased to see the Everyones Mixtape website where you compile your own mixtape by dragging urls from YouTube or SoundCloud or Vimeo.

Here’s my first mixtape “Sundowners”

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