Optus One80 Project

Great. Australia Day and its raining. Bang goes my plans

Well an enjoyable hour was spent viewing the ten finalists in this years One80 Project run by MTV and sponsored by Optus

On the whole, I really enjoyed the overall quality of the top ten, with some excellent production values delivering some great concepts.

View the top ten here and vote yourself

My favourite was Deadbeat Dads – Three deadbeat dads. Three troubled kids. One second chance.
Why? Really felt there would be a great character driven, comtemporary film to be made here, with equal parts humour and tenderness.

Deadbeat Dads from ONE80PROJECT on Vimeo.

When a single mother passes away, her children’s three absent fathers must move in together to raise the children as a family, leaving…
…a down-on-his-luck gambling addict to find a way to provide his rebellious teenage daughter the stability she needs.
…a hot-headed man’s man to accept his teenage son’s homosexuality.
…and a serial womaniser to finally grow up and be the father his young daughter longs for.

But will their kids ever accept these men as the fathers they’ve never had?
With social services, loan sharks, and old habits always lurking, will this new, unconventional family fail as everyone expects…
Or can these men save their children from going off the rails and repeating their own mistakes?
Will they become the fathers their children need them to be?

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