Simultaneous global theatrical release – for one night only – The Chemical Brothers ‘Don’t Think’

For nearly two decades, The Chemical Brothers mind-bending audiovisual live show has played to packed houses and festivals across the globe but it has never been captured on film. Until now.

Filmed at FujiRock in 2011, the film was made by Adam Smith who has directed many of The Chems innovative music videos.

What was unusual was that it was released simultaneously globally for one night only.
For more information visit
or The Chemical Brothers website.

I went to the Sydney screening at Event Cinemas in George Street with my good mate Lal. We first saw The Chemical Brothers, or The Dust Brothers as they were called then, at Golden in Stoke in about 1992 / 1993. Some Godlike Genius called Sasha was packing out the main room, but I’d heard good things about these two students from Manchester called The Dust Brothers, who were playing in the back room, and very good they were to. Who’d have thought 20 years later I would see their film from Japan, in Sydney.

The film was brilliantly shot and edited, with a nice touch of following a girl’s experience providing some narrative and personality.
The crowd, who were all somewhat, ahem, lively on a 9.30 Friday night screening, soon stormed the stage in front of the cinema and danced away, with people crowdsurfing up the seats. The ushers didn’t have a clue what to do.

Here is their first single from 1992, ‘Song to the Siren‘ remixed by Andrew Weatherall in Sabres of Paradise mode

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