First David Jones Live Stream is great success

The e-commerce / online retail space is going through a period of intense change as consumers elect to purchase online instead of physically in store. Retailers have had to adapt to this rapidly changing business model to reflect this consumer behaviour.

Social media and video leads the way in helping retailers connect with consumers.

At Viocorp, we’re integrating on-demand video solutions into shopping catalogues for companies like Supre and Matt Blatt

Last night, in conjunction with digital agency Visual Jazz we did the first live stream for David Jones into their Facebook account.

The live stream went direct into Facebook and was delivered cross-platform into web, mobile and tbalet.
Below are some screen grabs of me watching the live stream on my iPad, iphone and browser.

Over 7000 streams were recorded during the hour, long live stream.

Here is the on-demand highlights clip for the fashionistas out there

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