Live streaming of Macbeth for Bell Shakespeare

Viocorp were again commissioned to live stream the Q&A with the Cast and Crew of Bell Shakespeare‘s latest production of Macbeth.

Macbeth is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays, having studied it at English A-Level. 22 years ago my Dad took me to Stratford upon Avon, the home of Shakespeare to see a production there. Dad was visiting me in Sydney so it was great to take him to see it again. Not quite sure he understood the concept of live streaming and twitter questions!

Its a great production – a sparse heathen set, with clouded mirrors overhead create an eerie atmosphere which is backed up by an excellent score. I loved the high pitch piercing sund whenrver Mcbeth was on his own – the sign of madness.

Colin Moody was excellent as Duncan, Kate Mulvany brought a delicious wickedness to the role of Lady Macbeth – she reminded me of many of today’s C-List celebrities focussed in their quest for their 5 minutes of fame.
Spielman was very good yet I found him miscast – he just didn’t look like a soldier or a leader to me.
The star for me was Lizzie Schebesta (below) who channelled all three witches, in a very erotic manner, flirting with Macbeth magnificently, complete with microphone to distort her voice. She also played supporting roles including young sons to great effect.

The live webcast:
Have you got a question for Peter Evans? Or for Dan Spielman or Kate Mulvany? It’s your chance to ask the director and our panel of actors about the show.

Join us online and post your questions live on the conversation feed or tweet them with #BellQA.

See you tonight!

See you then!Macbeth – brave, strong and patriotic – happens upon three witches who predict he will soon be King. It’s a prophecy he distrusts but one his wife becomes utterly seduced by. Peter Evans, Bell Shakespeare’s Associate Artistic Director, fulfills a long-held ambition to collaborate with Dan Spielman in the title role, and Kate Mulvany who plays his highly erotic wife.

This season’s Macbeth reveals what the lure of power can do to a marriage and the devastation it can wreak on a nation.

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