The world’s first spoken-word trending engine at TEDx Sydney

Viocorp have been a supporter of TEDx Sydney for many years now, streaming the sessions to the ABC and YouTube channel. This year though we were asked to be involved with something just a little bit different!

Below is the copy from the press release that appeared in Ad News.

Clemenger BDDO Sydney took to the recent TEDx ideas festival, rolling out a giant real-time, Twitter-based technological installation.
The agency described it as “the world’s first spoken-word trending engine”.

Dubbed ‘Mimeisthai‘, the installation aimed to dramatise the event’s theme of ‘Real.Live.Now‘ and visualised the flow of ideas around the room in real time, instantaneously feeding them back to the audience.

The installation required an array of directional and parabolic microphones to be strategically placed throughout the theatre, each connected to a unique speak-to-text engine. Snippets of conversation were then fed through the microphones as data, with their tone, location and intensity each analysed. The phrases were then broadcast onto the main screen as graphic art.

The result? A compelling and engaging look inside the minds of hundreds of forward-thinking creatives, encompassing obscure fleeting thoughts to profound statements.

Clemenger BBDO Sydney digital creative director, James Theophane, said the installation was inspired by the technological advances particularly in the gaming industry, and the knowledge that Wi-Fi has essentially “set us free”.

“Flapping arms and wiggling bums have fast replaced controllers and remotes in the gaming industry. As technologies governing social media advance, this too will experience an influx of invisible technology.

“In the not-so-distant future, idea exchange forums such as TEDx Sydney will contain spaces like Mimeisthai for people to share ideas, thoughts and conversations instantly across multiple channels, without the use of smartphones, laptops and other barriers. The wires, and controllers become invisible.”

Clemenger BBDO Sydney executive creative director, Paul Nagy, added: “Watching live conversations and ideas flock around a room is truly a thing of beauty.”

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