Speaking at NIDA Industry Week

Received a very pleasant phone call from NIDA asking me to come and speak to 3rd year students at NIDA as part of their Industry Week.

The session is called: The Co-op: Staging your own production:

The Actor emerging into the industry, now more than ever needs, to be proactive in creating work and managing their careers. The Co-op is one way of creating self employment and keeping alive their craft and skills. The aim of this session is to advise and provide insight into how to put up a production/work/film, what kind of pitfalls to watch out for and who to approach with your work – possible questions to answer:

Is a producer really necessary?
Where to find a producer?
Funding – different ways to raise funds
Marketing – social media, advertising etc
How do I propose/pitch my your work
Independent programs

I’ll be joined by Phil Spencer at Tamarama Rock Surfers and Skye Kunstelj NIDA Independent Program, which is the program that Sam and I were selected for, with our new work ‘SET’ which runs in April 2013 at NIDA.

Really looking forward to this discussion to see what Phil and Skye have to say. I wish the Producer wasn’t neccessary because I believe everyone should be a producer. Sadly, especially in the creative arts, the producer does the being the scenes work that doesn’t get noticed, is rather time consuming and certainly not as exciting as rehearsing or performing!

But a producer is neccessary because it frees the key creatives up from the administrative elements so they can concentrate solely on developing the artistic process to the best of their abilities.

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