Commentary for panda webcast

The Viocorp Singapore office secured a rather unique project with their client Singapore Zoo.
Two giant pandas were being transferred from China to Sinagpore as part of a 20year trade relationship.
Viocorp used our liveBox to live stream direct from the tarmac at Changi Airport and streamed live to the web.
I was asked to do the live audio commentary for the 90 minute webcast which was an extraordinary long time to commentate for, especially with no one to discuss with. The Facebook and twitter feeds accompanying the live stream provided much needed inspiration.

I had to do a lot of preparation and have plenty of fact sheets up my sleeve to refer to. Furthermore, the phonetics of the people and places involved in the event, was a tricky aspect – I had all of them phonetically written on reference sheets to refer to.

For those of you who missed the historic LIVE webcast of Kai Kai and Jia Jia’s arrival, you can view the webcast at The webcast is viewable on all PC, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

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