Médecins Sans Frontieres webcast

Article courtesy of Australian Creative
Article appeared here http://www.australiancreative.com.au/news/republic-of-everyone-radical-go-sans-frontieres
Tuesday 1st October 2012

Viocorp thrilled to be providing the live streaming of this event that runs for a month. Cant wait to see the content.

Republic of everyone, @radical go sans frontieres
01 Oct 2012

Sustainability strategy and communications company, Republic of Everyone, has combined its expertise with that of transmedia production company, @radical.media, and recently launched public relations agency The Bravery, to collaborate on a first of its kind digital media platform – MSF.TV.

MSF.TV launches October 2nd, 12:00PM (AEST).
What is it? It is good tv. And that makes it remarkable. It is for good tv. And that makes it stand alone.
It is a month-long awareness campaign for the independent medical humanitarian aid organisation, Médecins Sans Frontieres Australia, led by Republic of Everyone.
The innovative seven channel platform combines both live and on-demand video content in an online environment. The intention is that it will take its viewers on Médecins Sans Frontierès journeys to Go Where Others Don’t.
“It’s a challenge showcasing the work of an organisation that spends so much time going where cameras often don’t – war and disaster zones, and some of the world’s most perilous places,” said Ben Peacock, founder and partner of Republic of Everyone.

“That’s what makes this project so incredible – for the first time, people can see and hear stories never told before, and they’re accessible online from anywhere.”
The campaign includes film shot by crews sent to South Sudan and Papua New Guinea and a live newsroom. More than 100 pieces of content will be filmed and cut, with all production led by @radical.media.
“This was a great opportunity for us to give everyone a sneak peak of the future of information and entertainment delivery,” said Ian Fowler, managing director of @radical.media.
“As brands try to reconnect with their audiences and media platforms evolve, we see the merging of TV and online being the key development in media over the next five years. To be able to develop a cutting edge solution for one of the world’s great humanitarian institutions was a very satisfying and at times, humbling experience.”
Spearheading MSF.TV are some of Australia’s most engaging media presenters. There are comprehensive PR and social media strategies, and key media partnerships developed by The Bravery.
MSF.TV is socially integrated, optimised for mobile platforms and developed with quality newsworthy content for both media outlets and consumer viewers alike.
“MSF.TV is a perfect example of the evolution that traditional public relations is making and the new space it is claiming – the delivery of cutting edge, creative digital campaigns,” said Claire Maloney, PR director of The Bravery.
“As far as organisations to work with and campaigns to work on, we couldn’t be more excited to launch our agency into market with MSF.TV.”
Digital and animation company, Heckler developed the website MSF.TV with all sound and music compositions developed by Nylon Studios.

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