Red Bull to broadcast freefall from 23 miles above earth

This article appeared in B&T on Wednesday 3rd October 2012

I love how RedBull has re-invented itself as a media house. They’re not just about selling energy drinks. They took the decision a long time ago to film everything in HD and prepare for IPTV.
I’ve been lucky enough to work on RedBull projects like Flugtag, Junior Surf Masters, Dance Music Academy and the Dirt Bikes, and they’re always great fun to work on.
Cannot wait to log onto this live stream.

A skydiver will attempt to break the speed of sound with his own body as part of a new global live stream partnership between Red Bull Media House and YouTube.

The digital broadcast of Felix Baumgartner’s freefall has been dubbed the Red Bull Stratos mission and is expected to take place next week.

The live stream will be broadcast on, Red Bull’s YouTube Channel and the mission’s Facebook page, as well as privileged partner sites.

The mission has been in development for over five years to ensure Baumgartner’s safety during the 120,000 feet fall, and to figure out how to document his descent.

More than 35 moving and still image cameras that can withstand extreme high and low temperatures will be used as will two ground-based optical tracking systems.

Baumgartner will also wear three POV cameras on his body during his freefall.

The mission hopes to provide valuable scientific data and protocols that could be used to save the lives of high altitude explorers above the ‘Armstrong line’ of 62,000 feet.

Joe Kittinger set the record in 1960 with his 102,800 feet freefall as part of the Project Excelsoir mission with the United States Air Force.

Kittinger will be talking to Baumgartner during his fall, with viewers able to hear the radio communication between the pair during the four hour broadcast.

During the broadcast a live data feed will show viewers exactly where Baumgartner is during the freefall, his speed, and how high above earth he is throughout the entire flight.

Red Bull Media House and YouTube will leverage their ability to drive tune-in marketing as well as live stream experiences during the mission.

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