Guest lecturing at AFTRS – 3 hr online video masterclass

Nathan Anderson at Envelop Entertainment teaches the AFTRS Graduate Diploma in Screen Business course
The course takes you through the various disciplines required to become a successful media executive, screen producer, or business owner. You learn the basics of financial analysis and how to build a persuasive business case. You will critically evaluate your own managerial abilities, and learn effective methods for leading creative teams. On top of this, you will work on a business or creative project of your choosing, and develop it to the point of market readiness. Most importantly, you will be surrounded by a group of highly-motivated, talented peers who will work with you throughout the course, becoming part of your lifelong professional network.

Nathan asked me to run a 3 hour masterclass as part of a Guest lecturer weekend
Media Agency overview – Mat Baxter (Universal McCann)
Social Media workshop – Jess Miller (Goody Two Shoes)
Online video and distribution masterclass – Nick Bolton (Viocorp)
Overview of the media landscape and presentation of the 2012 media outlook – Megan Brownlow (PwC)

Saturday 6th October
1.15pm – 4.30pm
AFTRS, Entertainment Quarter, Fox Studios

Here are my slides – most of the screen grabs click through to video or websites

I started off asking everyone what their content consumption patterns were per month eg films bought in store, online, hours watched of tv free to air, subscription tv hours watched, music bought in store v online v subscription etc.
Not one person was buying film or music physically in retail stores, but everyone was buying or renting or subscribing online.
Interestingly, very little illegal piracy was occurring, and I believe everyone was telling the truth! As one attendee said, ‘its all to easy to buy legally now, and integrates into my media players.’

The other outcome I got out of researching this session was that the monetisation tools for content are really about to become ubiquitous. The Tip Jar from Vimeo to me is a real line in the sand – if the world’s second largest free online video platform provider (Vimeo) can integrate payment, surely YouTube will follow soon, and then there will be pay-per-view embed code sharing functionality enabling the producer to publish within their own website. It’s not the holy grail, there’s still a bit of work to do but it’s a step in the right direction.

I’d done 2 hour workshops before, but doing 3 hours was pretty tiring though I thoroughly enjoyed it. The group asked loads of great questions which required me to keep my concentration levels up, and I have a new found respect for teachers who have to do this all day every day.

Additional files:
AFTRS Bandwidth_Calculator_v2-1
Comscore Local and Global stats slides

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