OzTAM Australian multi-screen report

Australian multi-screen report
Quarter 2, 2012
Trends in video viewership beyond conventional television sets

View the report here:

The percentage of Australian television homes capable of receiving
digital terrestrial television (DTT) continues to grow ever closer to
100% as the 2013 deadline for analogue switch-off approaches.
The number of homes that have completely converted to DTT on all
television sets was 74% in Q1 2012. This is an average increase of
almost 5 percentage points per quarter since Q1 last year.
Over the past 12 months, the percentage of homes with personal
video recorders (PVRs) has grown from 37% to 47%, with their
functionality and convenience making them increasingly desirable.
Access to digital television and personal video recorders for free to air
broadcasts and subscription television services continues to drive
traditional video viewing.
During Q1 2012, 98% of all Australians viewed television and 42% viewed television as a playback recording
during an average month in the current quarter.
Another new, ‘must have’ screen is the tablet, which is a complement to existing screens in the home with
the added benefits of portability and mobility. This report now incorporates a quarterly national estimate of
the percentage of homes with a tablet device, with the estimate for Q1 2012 at 15%.
Along with an increase in ownership, video content consumption on extended screens of computers and
smartphones is also showing evidence of growth with 45% of the population watching online video via PC/
laptops during an average month in this quarter.
Streaming any online video via mobile phone during a month was at 11% of the population aged 16 years
and over at the end of 2011, up from an estimated 7% at the end of 2010.
Furthermore, average time spent viewing of all forms of content has continued to increase year on year.

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