Speaking gig – Inst Chartered Accountants Australia

Having a run of speaking gigs at the moment. This time, very specific and niche – online video for accounting firms, including the ‘how to do it yourself’ request in the agenda.
I wonder if accounting firms ever give presentations to their customers on how to do accounting themselves!
Of course video production can be straight forward if you’re trained and experienced, with the right gear and processes. But all that takes time.

We’ve had great success in the accounting, professional services, consulting sector. Traditionally, this is a sector full of long heavy text documentation in its marcoms delivery – the cliche ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ has never been truer, and video works very well.

Will post any outcomes afterwards

Here are the slides.

2 Responses to Speaking gig – Inst Chartered Accountants Australia

  1. Marc Lehmann says:

    Fantastic talk Nick. Really good to see how the process works. I get the feeling that the combination of quick adhoc DIY and professionally produced is the right approach.

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