Online Video Soars – Neilsen

Article appeared in B&T Magazine “Online video audiences soar”
Lucy Clark
31st October 2012

More than three-quarters of online Aussies are watching video content through the internet, research by Nielsen has revealed.

There is also a big gender gap, with males dominating online video consumption – they watched 63% of all video streams.

Matt Bruce, managing director of Nielsen’s media group, said: “With marketers looking to quantify the efficiency of their online advertising investments, our new online video measurement tool, Nielsen VideoCensus, offers powerful insights into the reach of this engaged market.”

The average online video viewer watched five hours and 23 minutes of video streaming in September. Nielsen’s research also revealed that almost 12 million Australians watch videos online.

Those aged 18 to 24 spent the most time viewing content (an average of more than 11 hours in September), despite making up only 13% of the overall audience. The over 50s made up the biggest audience segment at 31%, but they watched the least amount of content (an average of two-and-a-half hours).

Paul Fisher, chief executive of IAB Australia, said: “Online video consumption in Australia is booming and the release of this data is very timely as media planners and their clients look to maximise their video investment across broadcast and online in the lead to the busiest retail period of the year.

“If the old advertising adage ‘the dollars follow the eyeballs’ is true, then this data will accelerate the investment in online video advertising.”

Fisher added: “The IAB will continue to work with Nielsen to endorse VideoCensus. Our goal is to provide the Australian media industry with the most accurate suite of online video consumption data and standardised metrics, which will take us a significant step closer to true cross media audience measurement.”

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