Marketing and Social Media for Tarantula

Really enjoyed working on Tarantula, the new play from Alana Valentine, and produced and directed by Nastassja Djalog

It was the best reviewed shows I have ever been involved in and also garnered very generous repsonses from the audience.

I hope Tarantula gets picked up by on off the bigger theatre companies very soon.

‘Desire is a tarantula that bites, and not only the young. Desire is a venom that courses through the veins long past the days of its ability to be satisfied’- Lola Montez

Narcissistic, impervious to criticism, and a pathalogical liar. Scandalous, bigamous, and the ruination of royalty. Countess, dancer and actress. The most generous, most willful, and most self-obsessed woman of her generation was Lola Montez. ‘Tarantula’ picks up her story on July 8, 1856, when returning to San Francisco from an exhausting and scandal filled Australian tour, Lola’s lover, Noel Folland, disappeared from the deck of the Jane A Falkenburg and was never seen again, presumed drowned. Using the conceit of a play within a play, ‘Tarantula’ traces the story of Lola’s life to unlock the mystery of this tragic disappearance, by having a contemporary actress making a play about her hero Lola. Set alternatively in a rehearsal room where the play is being made, and in flashback to Lola’s world, the play is an hilarious and thought-provoking examination of the battle of the sexes – both from an historic and contemporary point of view. Erotic, passionate and very funny, this is a play which asks questions about just how much and in what way women’s power had changed in the intervening years between Lola and our contemporary heroine, Gina and provides the opportunity for a virtuoso performance both from the gently aging ‘Lola’ and her ardent young suitor. First presented as a staged reading as part of Griffin Theatre’s Searchlight program this Tredwood Production marks the play’s world premiere.

Tredwood Productions Artistic Director Nastassja Djalog joins considerable forces with award winning playwright Alana Valentine to direct her newest work, Tarantula.

Season Information
Preview: Tuesday 9th October
Opening: Wednesday 10th October
Season Dates: 10th October to 3rd November
Plays: Tues-Sat 7:30PM
Where: King Street Theatre 644 King Street Newtown
Duration: 90 mins (no interval)
Tickets: $32/$24 (Preview $24)
Bookings: or 0423 082 015

Cast: Zoe Carides and Michael Whalley

Cellist: Richard Mills

Writer: Alana Valentine
Director: Nastassja Djalog
Producer: Tredwood Productions
Set Design: Sarah-Jane McAllan
Lighting Design: Marcus Cook
Costume Design: Beth Allen
Dramaturg: Chris Ramos
Stage Manager & Operator: Ruth Horsfall
Choreographer: Julia Cotton
Composer: John Encarnacao
Photography: Patrick Boland
Artwork: Harvey House Productions
Marketing: Nick Bolton
Publicity: Merran Doyle

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