Grab some popcorn – we’re doing fine

It’s all too easy to bash the Australian film industry. Often it’s a knee-jerk reaction and short term myopic view. Making films is bloody hard work, with many competing mediums for our leisure time.
This article impressed me with its research and well balanced view, with some stats to back up some well informed opinion.
Australian cast and crew seem to be well respected globally, and our output is becoming more audience friendly.

Grab some popcorn – we’re doing fine. By Greg Jericho
Published in ABC The Drum Opinion


Australian films may never recapture the market share they once enjoyed, but the success of films like The Sapphires and Red Dog suggests we’re seeing something of a resurgence, writes Greg Jericho.

Full article here

Greg Jericho writes weekly for The Drum. From 2008-2010 he worked in the film policy branch of the Office for the Arts. His blog can be found here. View his full profile here.

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