Homesick for London

I have a love hate relationship with London. From the age of 15-22, I visited it regularly for gigs, parties, shopping, sporting events etc. In 1995, post Uni, I moved there and lived in Docklands for four years. I found living in London very hard work, and eventually the sunny shores of Sydney got too hard to resist and I emigrated. But I love going back to London, and particularly enjoy being there during the day in the working week, indulging in the shops, museums, landmarks and an afternoon pint or two. Since I left, the city has been transformed, such as the ability to walk the length of The Thames, and the architecture of the new landmark buildings is really world class, one of which is The Shard. This piece of interactive media appealed to me greatly courtesy of The Guardian.

To mark the opening of the Shard, The Guardian have produced a 360-degree, augmented-reality panorama of London’s newest view, from the building’s public observation deck.
Read Antony Gormley, Tony Benn, Diana Athill and other famous Londoners on their favourite places, find the capital’s landmarks, listen in to the sounds of the city and gain a new perspective from the viewing platform of the EU’s tallest building.

Check it out here

Guardian Shard interactive

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