Directing customer advocacy videos

I’ve had a long relationship with as a customer, as a supplier and as an ambassador for them! Very early on in Viocorp’s existence, we started off on and have often been a case study for them.

Now at Feverpitch we have been commissioned to produce a number of customer advocacy videos for them. I really enjoy creating these projects as we go through the discovery process on the client, develop the narrative in line with the corporate messaging, and tell an interesting story, all within 2-3minutes.
Much research has been done on 3minutes being the maximum length for corporate case study videos. It’s a lesson in being very specific and in being ruthless as to hwat is needed and what isn’t.


Read the Case Study here

Platinum Direct Finance

Customer Advocacy Video on Platinum Direct Finance for Salesforce from FeverPitch Entertainment on Vimeo.


Customer Advocacy Video for – NuSteel from FeverPitch Entertainment on Vimeo.


Platinum Direct Finance
This customer advocacy video tells the story of how Platinum Direct Finance successfully overcame business challenges by implementing
Told through the eyes of Richard Kew, Director of Sales, and Oliver Berger, Director of Technology. Their passion comes across to achieve better customer service through cloud based platform, and ultimately great satisfaction with the successful transition.
Written and Directed by Nick Bolton
Produced by Kelly Newton
Shot and Edited by Jonathan Adams
Filmed on the Canon C300 and 600D on location in Sydney
Format: Case Study / Customer Advocacy.
Duration: 1 x 3 minute video
Distribution: Online
Release date: December 2012
More information: at the Case study

This customer advocacy video is based on the success that Nu-Steel experienced implementing into their business. Focussing on Nu-Steel’s GM Ash Richardson, he discusses the challenges Nu-Steel faced and how he overcame them implementing cloud based platform into the business.
Ash explains how it essentially only took him 5 days to customise a CRM to streamline his entire sales business. Now that the entire 210 steps from enquiry to house keys is streamlined in Salesforce and the team is collaborating in Chatter, Nu-Steel is innovating a new mobile sales model, to bringing a new level of customer service to steel homes!
Written and Directed by Nick Bolton,
Produced by Kelly Newton,
Executive Producer: Andrew Everingham at Capital-E
Shot and Edited by Jonathan Adams.
Filmed on the Canon C300, on location in Maroochydore, Queensland.
Format: Case Study/Customer/Advocacy.
Duration: 1 x 2 minute video
Distribution: Online
Release date: January 2013

More information at the case study

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