Speaking gig at NIDA – Panel members required!

So we’re about 6 weeks from opening night for my next theatrical venture, SET the play which premieres at NIDA! Sam Atwell and I submiited the treatment for the play to the NIDA Independent Program and we were dleighted when we were one of four productions to be chosen.
Rehearsals start on Wednesday and the Marketing will hit the streets the week after.

SET is a new murder mystery that will go behind the scenes of an Australian TV soap opera with a satirical look at the glamorous world of celebrity and the cogs of the machine that makes it turn.
Its gonna be a lotta fun with a lot of audience involvement!

NIDA run a monthly Creative Forum and April’s event is on Audience Participation on Sunday 21st April. NIDA have asked me to be moderate the session and I will be joined by film and theatre practitioners to discuss how new technology is changing the audience experience.
Panel members are still being sourced so any ideas welcome!

Event details and registration process here

NIDA Creative Forum Screenshot

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