Jane E Seymour video interviews me for SET the play

Jane E Seymour requested an interview with me to spill the beans on SET the play , for her blog RPWorkshops

How did SET the play come about?
Listen to Nick discuss how he and Sam imagined, devised and realised the script for SET:The Play. A great snapshot into the process of bringing ideas onto the page.

Collaborations, Nick, Sam & home & Away writers
A fascinating insight into the writing process and how collaborating can be so very effective in creating a playtext; and presenting seasoned professionals with a solid challenge out of their usual writing comfort zone.

13 Characters, Casting, Performance Dates, Venues
Nick discusses the casting process and what he was aiming for; plus the ‘when’ and ‘where SET:the Play will be performed….. NIDA studio in April / May 2013

Whats Next
Nick talks about what’s coming up next when SET:The Play is up and running.

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