Helicam in use at the British Lions game

Camera technology and innovation is moving at a rapid rate these days. The move to digital has opened up all sorts of new opportunities to capture that golden moment.
Sports broadcasters in particular are always innovating to get the best angle.

Cricket does it particularly well, such as the camera in the stumps, and of course there is the Segway, although this isn’t Cameraman Joe’s finest moment.

Then there is Spidercam:

I went to see The British Lions play The Waratahs game last Saturday, and we noticed the helicam in use.
We discussed how great the desire is to get the ‘golden moment’. Its so good to be able to get these angles, yet it is kinda intrusive, and where is it going to stop. Technology could get in the way of the game. What would happen if the ball hit the helicam, deflected into the opposition arms and they broke away and scored.

I couldn’t find any footage online from the Lions game or indeed any commercial use, although there is this clip of the All Blacks taking down a coptercam in training!

Maybe it’s time to do the first drama film made solely with a helicam……

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