Sydney Homeless Connect

Each year my good friend Andrew Everingham runs the Sydney Homeless Connect event.

Sydney Homeless Connect connects services who can help with people looking for support and guidance. We connect donors who have something useful to give, with people who can benefit from access to high quality products; we connect the sick and vulnerable with medical and personal care they may not otherwise be able access. On the day itself, around 2000 guests and volunteers are connected with one another in an atmosphere of joy and mutual respect.

More information at Sydney Homeless Connect

We were only too happy to provide pro bono services and create a video for the day. We got to meet a few of the ambassadors, though Jude Bolton and I couldn’t trace any relation!

Written and directed by Nick Bolton ( and Jonathan Adams
Filmed, edited and graded by Jonathan Adams
Produced by Nick Bolton
Filmed on the Canon C300 at Sydney Town Hall
Thanks to Andrew Everingham and Capital-E

Nick Bolton and Jude Bolton fail to find a genetic connection.
Nick and Jude Bolton

The big man was a huge favourite and what a nice guy he was too.
2013-06-04 14.16.51

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