Judging the ATOM Awards, NAFA Showfest and MacCarthur Film Fest

Going to be watching a lot of content in August as I have been asked to judge three festivals.

ATOM AWARDS www.atomawards.org
Back in 2009, I was very proud to be part of the team that won an ATOM Award for our work on Rolf du Heer’s 12 Canoes cross platform companion piece website – the website www.tencanoes.com.au
As I was living in Melbourne at the time, I was asked by the producers to pick up the award.

Atom Awards Winner for www.12canoes.com.au

Atom Awards Winner for http://www.12canoes.com.au

NAFA SHOWFEST www.nafa.net.au/festivals
I’ve been judging the NAFA Showfest for about 5 years now and look forward to celebrating its 10th birthday at The Randwick Ritz on Wednesday 7th August.

MacCarthur Film Fest www.macarthurfilmfest.org
Going to be heading out west to MacCarthur in November to support a small new festival. I’ll be running some talks as well on film production which should be fun

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