Our Mercy Campaign video for The Bali Nine gets launched – please watch AND sign the petition

Our three theatre productions of Bondi Dreamimg (www.bondidreaming.com.au), the fictitious interpretation of life on death row for The Bali Nine, led us to Bali and meet the guys in Kerobokan prison. We were deeply moved by this week we spent with them, and when asked by The Mercy Campaign to put together a promotional video we were ony too pleased to oblige.

Hopefully the video makes you evaluate the situation, and encourages you to sign the clemency petition to the Indonesion President.

The Mercy Campaign formed in Melbourne, Australia and are four lawyers and a journalist, who oppose the death penalty.
With the full support of the Chan and Sukumaran families who also appear in the film, The Mercy Campaign send a simple message to the Indonesian president: please spare the life of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.
For more information and to sign the petition at mercycampaign.org
Cast (as themselves, in order of appearance):
Alison McGirr
Lincoln Younes
Marissa Wynne
Deborah Bradshaw
Lisa Gormley
Wayne Bradley
Renee Lindsay
Nick Bolton
Sam Atwell
Felix Gardiner (Thank you to Ian and Andrea Gardiner)
Greg Hatton
Kip Gamblin
Jasper Gardiner (Thank you to Ian and Andrea Gardiner)
Vanessa Buckley
Steve Fanale
Michael Chan (brother of Andrew Chan)
Brin Sukumaran (Sister of Myuran Sukumaran)
Christian Willis
Raji Sukumaran (Mother of Myuran Sukumaran)
Alix Kupicik
Kelly Gamblin (Thank you to Linda and Kip Gamblin)

Written by David Alexander, Adapted by Sam Atwell
Directed by Sam Atwell and Nick Bolton
Producer Nick Bolton (nickbolton.com.au)
DOP Rodrigo Vidal Dawson,
Wardrobe Dannielle Alexander
Editor Steve Fanale
Sound Design Steve Fanale

Copyright Feverpitch Entertainment Pty Ltd 2012 and MercyCampaign.org

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