Judging NAFA ShowFest

Another fun evening at NAFA’s ShowFest The Randwick Ritz and a good array of films to test our judging capability. I went for Cockatoo as my favourite pipping Maiden as it just emotionally connected with me more than Maiden, but the two were both very very strong. The art direction in Maiden was simply outstanding, and I didn’t even know it was Russell Dykstra until half way through. Great performances from his wife and kids as well. Lie to Me was my third choice, and an exellent effort for a first time Writer and Director!

Always a good catch up as well. Steven Gregory from AT2 and Audition Magic was my judge in crime, and good to hang out with Alex Broun and John O’Hare in the bar afterwards. Plenty of British Lions banter with Alex, and the three of us were flabbergasted when a beautiful 18 year old actress came to talk to us and admitted she had never heard of The Smiths. I promptly begged her to go and check out ‘There is a light than never goes out‘.

nick at nafa showfest


1st Maiden
2nd Happily Ever After
3rd Cockatoo

1st Maiden
2nd Cockatoo
3rd Lie To Me


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