In the space of one week, three people, all respected bloggers in their own field, commented to me why didn’t I do a blog. I’m active on social media, often asked to comment in the press, and regularly speak at conferences on new media. I’m lucky in that not only do I enjoy my job, I get involved in some really exciting, successful, and occasionally world-first projects in the digital sector.

Whilst I’ve often advised to organisations to start blogs, I’ve always found the personal blog a tad narcissistic. It does sit a tad uncomfortably with me putting yourself out there!

At the same time, a number of creative projects outside of work got the green light, and many of my fellow cast and crew had a personal online presence, the benefit of which I totally get.

During a long weekend, I took the plunge. This blog is part showcase, part online cv, part diary, but mostly a collection of things that interest me, and I hope they interest you to.

So thanks for your interest and love to get your feedback

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