If I was forced to do only one craft, it would be acting. Waiting in the stalls to enter stage is the most electrifying feeling ever. Or on set, waiting for the Director to call ‘Action’ means that its all down to you from there on. It’s a unique and special feeling, and the pressure is on you. The rehearsal process where you are experimenting with your fellow cast and crew is a special time, lost in the bubble of the room and the stresses of life float away.

MEAA #2011745

Arts Hub Review for Crime Scenes: Bolton’s portrayal of a frustrated middle-class family man, obsessed with time and gun-related massacres, is always compelling, at times funny but more often frightening

Nick Bolton as Sidey in 'Sidekick'
Sidekick is a 14minute short film produced by my production company Streamhouse TV, and funded by Executive Producers Jim Shomos, Clare Jones and myself. Clare and I also produced the film.
Jim Shomos, who came up with the idea and then developed the screenplay alongside Brendan Luno, The film sees a writer with writers block and so we enter his mind, to see the four archetypes to every story (aka The Protagonist, The Antagonist, the love interest and the conscience) in anarchy, and so it is up to the Sidekick (me) to create the conflict and tension required for good storytelling.

Sidekick is still doing the Film Festival circuit and so isn’t presently available online.

Nick Bolton in 'Shots' as part of 'Crime Scenes'
Crime Scenes is a theatre show that I produced under my production company Streamhouse TV, on behalf of Actors Anonymous.
We put a brief out to the market with the challenge to write a 30minute play based around the theme of true Australian crimes, We received 50 entries which we whittled down to a short list of ten that were then put through a focus group of writers, directors and actors who provided warm reads. Four plays were chosen.
I played the role of Michael Grant in ‘Shots’ who is a troubled character. With a marriage dissolving and a career going nowehere, Michael loses the plot in spectacular style. Michael Douglas in Falling Down was my inspiration for the role.


Written by David Auburn, the Broadway hit was then turned into a feature film starring Gwynneth_Paltrow and Jake Gyllenhall.
Alexandra Byron directed the show at The Zenith Theatre on a month long run in July 2008. I played the Gyllenhall role of Hal, a dazzling academic in love with the lead female.

TV Commercials include Sealys Posturepedic beds, Harvey Norman, and Arnotts
Short films include The Bolt, Love your Thumbs, Bird Flew, Turnabout
Short Theatre shows include The Huntsman, Turnabout

Nick Bolton Acting CV July 2012

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