Australian Story – On the warpath – Ben Quilty

It was very touching to see the response to our promotional video for Ben Quilty‘s Afghanistan Story art exhibition.

A week later, Ben rang me to say that ABC were updating their Australian Story episode on him, and wanted to use our footage, which we were only too pleased to provide.

I’ve only just watched the episode as I’ve been in Thailand for three weeks, and needless to say bawled like a baby on numerous occasions. Its heartwrenching stuff. Ben takes a lot of credit for speaking up about his former employer regards the tricky issue of post traumatic stress disorder.

Watch the episode here on iView for a limited time

Australian story credits

And here is our promotional video again.

Ben Quilty art exhibition promo video

Ben Quilty is one of Australia’s most talented and respected young artists of his generation. In 2011 Ben travelled to Afghanistan as the Australian War Memorial’s official war artist. This exhibition features new work made from this experience and the close relationship he formed with his subjects.

Having met Ben through our mutual desire to help The Bali Nine get off death row, I was only too happy to film the Launch of his new exhibiton.

Exhibition photo gallery

EXHIBITION: Ben Quilty After Afghanistan
National Art School Sydney until 13 April then touring nationally to 8 venues over 2 years.
21 February -13 April 2013

More information at and
Tour Dates
National Art School Darlinghurst NSW until 13 April 2013
Cairns Regional Gallery Cairns QLD 26 April 2013
Tweed River Art Gallery Murwillumbah NSW 23 June 2013
Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Katoomba NSW 12 October 2013
Western Plains Cultural Centre Dubbo NSW 2 February 2014
Griffith University Art Gallery Brisbane QLD 12 April 2014
Flinders University City Gallery Adelaide SA 27 September 2014
Australian War Memorial Special Exhibitions Gallery Canberra ACT 12 December 2014

Ben Quilty: Oh my God Nick. You just made me cry. That is one powerful and beautiful piece of film making. I am speechless

Dear Nick, it’s very impressive. Thank you very much for making this video and for sharing it with us.
Katie Dyer, Curator and Gallery Manager, National Art School

Thanks for this – it’s amazing! So great that you could capture such a special night for us all – especially Ben!
Danielle Neely, National Art School.

Sophia Stacey Bought tears to my eyes. Beautiful work.
Deahne Bowhay Thank you x. Very moving…shot straight from the heart and what beautiful work Ben
Michael Daly Gee, that’s good. How eloquently both the fimmaker and John Oddie express themselves. Great show by the way. As we left, my 4 year old said “it’s very thick”. Took us a while to click that he was referring to the paint.
Graham Murgatroyd Wonderful short video, will see them over Easter.
Robert Rosenberg Awesome, really well painted, filmed, edited and spoken. Loved it.
Bill Woods Very moving
Michelle Henry Beautifully filmed and with very profound words. Can’t wait to see the work when they come to Brisbane next year.

Written, produced and directed by Nick Bolton (
Filmed, edited and graded by Jonathan Adams
Soundtrack credit via iStockPhoto ‘Piano Harp Violin Instrumental of Rain’ by Audio Outlet
Shot on location at the exhibition launch at the National Art School gallery, Paddington, Sydney NSW 2012
Wednesday 20th February 2012
Filmed on the Canon C300.
Thanks to Madeleine Hetherton, Rebecca Barry and Ester Harding at for the camera and support.

The Art of War Panel Discussion

Motion Graphics / Multimedia / Green Screen Examples

A collection of green screen / animation or multimedia projects I have been involved in.

Altium (starring me!)

Altium (also starring me!)


A dozen more videos in the campaign are available at their Youtube channel

Sword Ciboodle
Be Swift – Next Best Offer Action

Be Swift – end to end campaigns:

Be Swift – Complaints with another ten videos in the campaign available at the YouTube channel.


Telstra Super
Market Volatility Videos
Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 9.53.01 AM

Meet Mr Pissed

A few years ago my mate Phil Watson came and saw Bondi Dreaming. Over a few post theatre analytical refreshments, he mentioned a script he had written called Mr Pissed. A politically incorrect adult version of the Mr Men books we all loved as kids.

Mr Pissed

I was immediately intrigued, and indeed when he sent me the script, laughed my head off at it.
We read it at Actors Anonymous and it was very well received, and I was keen to get it up.

Life then got in the way (I moved to Melbourne) and I forgot all about it.
Last year my good friend Bruce Glen, aka The Gentleman Magician, reminded me about it, and I dug it out of the hard drives, and was pleased to see it still resonated.
So I got in touch with Phil again and we gave it a refresh, and submitted it to Short&Sweet as an ITC (Independent Theatre Company) submission by Actors Anonymous.
Mr Pissed will play in Week 8 at the King Street Theatre.

It still cracks me up so much, and thats without the awesome costumes, projected cartoon visuals and sound effects that will just add the icing on the cake.

In researching the Mr Men, I found out that they are the third highest selling books in history! And its been lovely reading them again bringing back many lovely childhood memories. The series celebrated their 40th anniversary last week. What a legacy for their creator Mr Roger Hargreaves.

Writer: Phil Watson
Director: Nick Bolton
Producer: Nick Bolton
Costume Designer: Kathy Baker

mr pissed cast

The Cast L-R
Mr Pissed: Matt Lancey
Miss Tits: Danielle Emery
Narrator: Bruce Glen
Mr Hussein: Anurag Chakradhar

More information on Short&Sweet can be seen at

Venue: King Street Theatre
Dress: Tues 26th Feb at 8pm
Shows: Weds 27th Feb to Sat 2nd March at 8pm, and Sunday 3rd March at 5.15pm
Tickets at at

The Review:
Bolton has cast and choreographed this play with humorous precision.
Sydney Arts Guide

The Results
Very very happy to come third in the judges vote.
My good friend Kate Toon came first with Coma Sutra
I directed Kate’s short films Dreams of Evolution and The Postcard
And Danielle Emery who played Miss Tits, jumped on board Coma Sutra at the last minute replacing the previously cast actress who had tonsilitis.
Congrats to Kate , Danni, and Aaron J. Nilan who gave a very impressive performance as the guy, in the grand final

Directing customer advocacy videos

I’ve had a long relationship with as a customer, as a supplier and as an ambassador for them! Very early on in Viocorp’s existence, we started off on and have often been a case study for them.

Now at Feverpitch we have been commissioned to produce a number of customer advocacy videos for them. I really enjoy creating these projects as we go through the discovery process on the client, develop the narrative in line with the corporate messaging, and tell an interesting story, all within 2-3minutes.
Much research has been done on 3minutes being the maximum length for corporate case study videos. It’s a lesson in being very specific and in being ruthless as to hwat is needed and what isn’t.


Read the Case Study here

Platinum Direct Finance

Customer Advocacy Video on Platinum Direct Finance for Salesforce from FeverPitch Entertainment on Vimeo.


Customer Advocacy Video for – NuSteel from FeverPitch Entertainment on Vimeo.


Platinum Direct Finance
This customer advocacy video tells the story of how Platinum Direct Finance successfully overcame business challenges by implementing
Told through the eyes of Richard Kew, Director of Sales, and Oliver Berger, Director of Technology. Their passion comes across to achieve better customer service through cloud based platform, and ultimately great satisfaction with the successful transition.
Written and Directed by Nick Bolton
Produced by Kelly Newton
Shot and Edited by Jonathan Adams
Filmed on the Canon C300 and 600D on location in Sydney
Format: Case Study / Customer Advocacy.
Duration: 1 x 3 minute video
Distribution: Online
Release date: December 2012
More information: at the Case study

This customer advocacy video is based on the success that Nu-Steel experienced implementing into their business. Focussing on Nu-Steel’s GM Ash Richardson, he discusses the challenges Nu-Steel faced and how he overcame them implementing cloud based platform into the business.
Ash explains how it essentially only took him 5 days to customise a CRM to streamline his entire sales business. Now that the entire 210 steps from enquiry to house keys is streamlined in Salesforce and the team is collaborating in Chatter, Nu-Steel is innovating a new mobile sales model, to bringing a new level of customer service to steel homes!
Written and Directed by Nick Bolton,
Produced by Kelly Newton,
Executive Producer: Andrew Everingham at Capital-E
Shot and Edited by Jonathan Adams.
Filmed on the Canon C300, on location in Maroochydore, Queensland.
Format: Case Study/Customer/Advocacy.
Duration: 1 x 2 minute video
Distribution: Online
Release date: January 2013

More information at the case study

Dreams of Evolution

Project: Dreams of Evolution
Dreams of Evolution screened as a finalist at “Songs Interwoven of Lights” at the Queensland Poetry Festival, on Sunday 26 August as part of the 2012 QPF Filmmakers Challenge!

“I can think of nothing sadder than a goldfish in a bowl. Swimming in tight circles, such a lonely soul…”

These are the opening lines of Dreams of Evolution, a poem that features in Kate Toon‘s crowd-funded self-published poetry book Gone Dotty.
We’ve all pondered the existence of a goldfish in a bowl. Maybe this goldfish will help us ponder our own existence and encourage our own dreams of evolution to turn into reality.

Writer: Kate Toon
Director: Nick Bolton
DOP: Jonathan Adams
Producer: Nick Bolton
Narrator: Kim Knuckey
Sound Operator: Nick Bolton
Goldfish poo wrangler: Kate Toon
Props: Nick Bolton
Editor: Steve Fanale
Music Editor: Steve Fanale
Grading: Jonathan Adams
Cast: Hercules II

With thanks to Emma Newman, Jim Hodgson, Toby Levins
Format: QuickTime
Ratio: 16:9
Frame rate 25fps
Duration: 3m 54s
Camera: Canon C300

Copyright Feverpitch Entertainment Pty Ltd
Dreams of Evolution by Kate Toon
I can think of nothing sadder than a goldfish in a bowl,
Swimming in tight circles, such a lonely fishy soul.
With your tiny bulbous eyes, that pine to see the sea,
Longing for a little lover, to share your dull eternity.
All you have for company is a silly plastic weed,
Nothing to look forward to, except tomorrow’s feed.
Some pathetic grubby pebbles form your universe’s base,
I see nothing but depression written on your orange face.
Is your memory so short that this all seems brand-new?
Or is that 18-second thing entirely untrue?
Do you ever go to sleep, in the darkness of the night,
And dream of evolution, growing wings and taking flight?
Such iridescent beauty, you’re the bauble of the sea;
If you were my finned captive, I’d be sure to set you free.
Written by Kate Toon
Published in the poetry book Gone Dotty