Helicam in use at the British Lions game

Camera technology and innovation is moving at a rapid rate these days. The move to digital has opened up all sorts of new opportunities to capture that golden moment.
Sports broadcasters in particular are always innovating to get the best angle.

Cricket does it particularly well, such as the camera in the stumps, and of course there is the Segway, although this isn’t Cameraman Joe’s finest moment.

Then there is Spidercam:

I went to see The British Lions play The Waratahs game last Saturday, and we noticed the helicam in use.
We discussed how great the desire is to get the ‘golden moment’. Its so good to be able to get these angles, yet it is kinda intrusive, and where is it going to stop. Technology could get in the way of the game. What would happen if the ball hit the helicam, deflected into the opposition arms and they broke away and scored.

I couldn’t find any footage online from the Lions game or indeed any commercial use, although there is this clip of the All Blacks taking down a coptercam in training!

Maybe it’s time to do the first drama film made solely with a helicam……


Nice use of lots of GoPro’s and simultaneous wraparounds

An array of 15 GoPro cameras helped one amateur filmmaker slow life down with cool bullet-time effects.

Marc Donahue of Permagrin Films showed off his half-circle grouping of GoPro cameras that can simultaneously capture a shot, turning everyday images of people cooking or riding bikes into something out of The Matrix.

Donahue demonstrated the device through several videos on his YouTube channel. The ultraportable GoPros are synchronized to shoot around the subject to get a visually arresting wraparound effect.

But the technique isn’t perfect, yet. In a YouTube comment, Donahue admitted that he is “making a cable” to help the cameras fire in closer succession, so footage will be smoother on future attempts.

GoPro provided Donahue with the 15 cameras for the video, he told blog FStoppers. Donahue added that he’s planning to release a music video using the same technique, soon.

Ben Quilty art exhibition promo video

Ben Quilty is one of Australia’s most talented and respected young artists of his generation. In 2011 Ben travelled to Afghanistan as the Australian War Memorial’s official war artist. This exhibition features new work made from this experience and the close relationship he formed with his subjects.

Having met Ben through our mutual desire to help The Bali Nine get off death row, I was only too happy to film the Launch of his new exhibiton.

Exhibition photo gallery

EXHIBITION: Ben Quilty After Afghanistan
National Art School Sydney until 13 April then touring nationally to 8 venues over 2 years.
21 February -13 April 2013

More information at benquilty.com and awm.gov.au/exhibitions/quilty
Tour Dates
National Art School Darlinghurst NSW until 13 April 2013
Cairns Regional Gallery Cairns QLD 26 April 2013
Tweed River Art Gallery Murwillumbah NSW 23 June 2013
Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Katoomba NSW 12 October 2013
Western Plains Cultural Centre Dubbo NSW 2 February 2014
Griffith University Art Gallery Brisbane QLD 12 April 2014
Flinders University City Gallery Adelaide SA 27 September 2014
Australian War Memorial Special Exhibitions Gallery Canberra ACT 12 December 2014

Ben Quilty: Oh my God Nick. You just made me cry. That is one powerful and beautiful piece of film making. I am speechless

Dear Nick, it’s very impressive. Thank you very much for making this video and for sharing it with us.
Katie Dyer, Curator and Gallery Manager, National Art School

Thanks for this – it’s amazing! So great that you could capture such a special night for us all – especially Ben!
Danielle Neely, National Art School.

Sophia Stacey Bought tears to my eyes. Beautiful work.
Deahne Bowhay Thank you x. Very moving…shot straight from the heart and what beautiful work Ben
Michael Daly Gee, that’s good. How eloquently both the fimmaker and John Oddie express themselves. Great show by the way. As we left, my 4 year old said “it’s very thick”. Took us a while to click that he was referring to the paint.
Graham Murgatroyd Wonderful short video, will see them over Easter.
Robert Rosenberg Awesome, really well painted, filmed, edited and spoken. Loved it.
Bill Woods Very moving
Michelle Henry Beautifully filmed and with very profound words. Can’t wait to see the work when they come to Brisbane next year.

Written, produced and directed by Nick Bolton (nickbolton.com.au)
Filmed, edited and graded by Jonathan Adams
Soundtrack credit via iStockPhoto ‘Piano Harp Violin Instrumental of Rain’ by Audio Outlet
Shot on location at the exhibition launch at the National Art School gallery, Paddington, Sydney NSW 2012
Wednesday 20th February 2012
Filmed on the Canon C300.
Thanks to Madeleine Hetherton, Rebecca Barry and Ester Harding at mediastockade.com for the camera and support.

The Art of War Panel Discussion

Grab some popcorn – we’re doing fine

It’s all too easy to bash the Australian film industry. Often it’s a knee-jerk reaction and short term myopic view. Making films is bloody hard work, with many competing mediums for our leisure time.
This article impressed me with its research and well balanced view, with some stats to back up some well informed opinion.
Australian cast and crew seem to be well respected globally, and our output is becoming more audience friendly.

Grab some popcorn – we’re doing fine. By Greg Jericho
Published in ABC The Drum Opinion


Australian films may never recapture the market share they once enjoyed, but the success of films like The Sapphires and Red Dog suggests we’re seeing something of a resurgence, writes Greg Jericho.

Full article here

Greg Jericho writes weekly for The Drum. From 2008-2010 he worked in the film policy branch of the Office for the Arts. His blog can be found here. View his full profile here.

Speaking engagement at Viocorp Digital Communication Forum 2012

Viocorp Digital Communication Forum 2012:
Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 3.03.24 PM
This event is designed to help marketing and communication professionals with creating an online video strategy and assist with preparation of all the elements needed to make their strategy a success. That includes preparing talent internally, creating engaging content and measuring/maximising ROI.

The event (Wed 19th September from 8.30am – 11.30am, MCA Sydney) will be targeting an audience of 120 marketing and internal communication professionals primarily from large enterprise companies in NSW.

8.30am – Registration, networking breakfast

9.00am –Overview: What is the importance of video in your communication strategy? Recent trends, Digital landscape in Australia. Speaker: James Scott, Partner, KPMG

9.20am – Panel: Organisational strategies for effective online video. Speakers: Victoria Doidge, Sydney Opera House; David Bradbury, Allens.

9.50am – Preparing your talent to be video ready – Tips on how to prepare your talent: C level executives, Finance Professionals, Lawyers etc for starring in corporate video.How to write a brief/treatment. Speaker: Nick Bolton, Fever Pitch.

10.05am – Tools for effective online video communication – manage, distribute, syndicate to Social media, measure effectiveness and viewer engagement. Speaker: Richard Hindes, Digital Consultant, Viocorp

10.20am – Break

10.35am – Panel: Video content creation – Cost-effective and innovative ways to generate engaging and regular online video content. Speakers: Ryan Gomes,Corp Technology Services; Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan, Production Party; Nick Bolton, Fever Pitch

nick at viocorp event

10.55am – Panel: Successful use of online video for Internal communication. Case studies of effective organisational-wide communications. Speakers: Rebekah Taka, CGU; Matthew Masci, NAB

11.15am –Case study: Measuring effectiveness and ROI of your online video campaigns – Analytics, conversion rates, ROI. A case study on Supre, presented by Amblique.

Dreams of Evolution

Project: Dreams of Evolution
Dreams of Evolution screened as a finalist at “Songs Interwoven of Lights” at the Queensland Poetry Festival, on Sunday 26 August as part of the 2012 QPF Filmmakers Challenge! www.queenslandpoetryfestival.com

“I can think of nothing sadder than a goldfish in a bowl. Swimming in tight circles, such a lonely soul…”

These are the opening lines of Dreams of Evolution, a poem that features in Kate Toon‘s crowd-funded self-published poetry book Gone Dotty.
We’ve all pondered the existence of a goldfish in a bowl. Maybe this goldfish will help us ponder our own existence and encourage our own dreams of evolution to turn into reality.

Writer: Kate Toon
Director: Nick Bolton
DOP: Jonathan Adams
Producer: Nick Bolton
Narrator: Kim Knuckey
Sound Operator: Nick Bolton
Goldfish poo wrangler: Kate Toon
Props: Nick Bolton
Editor: Steve Fanale
Music Editor: Steve Fanale
Grading: Jonathan Adams
Cast: Hercules II

With thanks to Emma Newman, Jim Hodgson, Toby Levins
Format: QuickTime
Ratio: 16:9
Frame rate 25fps
Duration: 3m 54s
Camera: Canon C300

Copyright Feverpitch Entertainment Pty Ltd
Dreams of Evolution by Kate Toon
I can think of nothing sadder than a goldfish in a bowl,
Swimming in tight circles, such a lonely fishy soul.
With your tiny bulbous eyes, that pine to see the sea,
Longing for a little lover, to share your dull eternity.
All you have for company is a silly plastic weed,
Nothing to look forward to, except tomorrow’s feed.
Some pathetic grubby pebbles form your universe’s base,
I see nothing but depression written on your orange face.
Is your memory so short that this all seems brand-new?
Or is that 18-second thing entirely untrue?
Do you ever go to sleep, in the darkness of the night,
And dream of evolution, growing wings and taking flight?
Such iridescent beauty, you’re the bauble of the sea;
If you were my finned captive, I’d be sure to set you free.
Written by Kate Toon
Published in the poetry book Gone Dotty

Metroscreen DIY Distribution panel

Looking forward to talking on this panel on DIY distribution for Metroscreen

You can view and download the slidedeck here off Slideshare

Will add some thoughts about it after the chat!

Imagine having 3 million people see your film or thousands of people paying to download your content. At the next Metro Screen Connect event you can gather together with three industry experts who have helped many independent film projects, TV concepts and online content find and build audiences.

Come along to Metro Screen to hear from practitioners who have been breaking new ground and making their own rules to engage audiences. From DIY screenings to torrent distribution, find out from the experts what works and what doesn’t and where they see the audience building landscape is heading. What are the alternatives to the traditional distribution paths? How do filmmakers connect to an audience?

Speakers include:

John L Simpson, Titan View Media (The jammed, Men’s Group, 33 Postcards)
Ahmend Salama, Creative Director DLSHS (The Tunnel, Cedar Boys)
Nick Bolton, Viocorp, (Australia’s leading internet broadcaster)
Guest moderator – Dean Francis, writer/director

Olympic 100m final recreated in lego

Watch this great piece of marketing from Lego – a recreation of the 100m final!

Judging NAFA Show Fest 2012

Is it really a year since the last Show Fest. NAFA‘s film festival is now in its 9th year. Having spoken at NAFA Choc Tops meetings twice on internet distribution, I qualify as a Judge.
Last years event was excellent (read my mini review here)

So if you’re not doing anything on the 22nd August, come on down to the lovely old Randwick Ritz for some great films and a fun after party

Show-Fest 2012 – International Short Films Spectacular!
Announcing our 2012 finalists: http://www.nafa.net.au/festivals/finalists
Seven Australian vs two international.
See the films. Meet the stars. Hear their stories. Special guest – Logie Award Winner!
Wed 22 August, 6.30pm, Ritz Cinema Randwick.
– –
Advance bookings at MOSHTIX – Special deals!
Buy tickets at Ritz Cinema.
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Invited VIP Judges:
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Official website: