YouTube: An Insiders Guide for Pros presented by Screen NSW at Vivid Ideas

Kristen Bowen from YouTube recently spoke at YouTube: An Insiders Guide for Pros presented by Screen NSW at Vivid Ideas.

The presentation covered a stack of new features including channel design and trailers, the guide, subscriptions, suggestions and advertising changes.
A third of YouTube in Australia is now viewed on a mobile device, the new branding options gives channel owners the option to control how their content looks across platforms very easily.

Kristen Bowen, Manager Content Relationships, YouTube
Event: ‘YouTube: An Insider’s Guide for Pros”
At Vivid Ideas, June 3rd, 2013, Presented by Screen NSW and Screen Australia

Kristen talks about:
1. Overview: YouTube as a marketing and distribution platform
-Stats and Trends
-Product Vision
-Traditional Media Company Examples
2. Engaging with Gen C
-Who is Gen C?
-Case Study: Jimmy Kimmel
3. Content ID
-How does it work?
-Why should I use it?
-Who’s using it well?
4. Audience Development
-Channel Strategy
-Top Tips to Find Your Fans and Keep Them Watching

Google case study on Vivid Live 2012

Back in June, we were involved in the Vivid Festival for the fourth year runnning, and typically for such an innovative festival, new ideas were required.
One of these was to live stream the concerts, and enable the viewer to take pictures of the content and publish to social media networks immediately. We worked alongside Mark and M&C Saatchi, Make Productions and Google, along with the SOH staff to make this happen.
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You can watch a video case study here on the results of the campaign, which are quote extraordinary
296,000 unique views -100x the capacity of the Opera House
916,000 plays of live stream
63,000 hours viewed
66,000 shots taken
All in ten hours

Guest lecturing at AFTRS – 3 hr online video masterclass

Nathan Anderson at Envelop Entertainment teaches the AFTRS Graduate Diploma in Screen Business course
The course takes you through the various disciplines required to become a successful media executive, screen producer, or business owner. You learn the basics of financial analysis and how to build a persuasive business case. You will critically evaluate your own managerial abilities, and learn effective methods for leading creative teams. On top of this, you will work on a business or creative project of your choosing, and develop it to the point of market readiness. Most importantly, you will be surrounded by a group of highly-motivated, talented peers who will work with you throughout the course, becoming part of your lifelong professional network.

Nathan asked me to run a 3 hour masterclass as part of a Guest lecturer weekend
Media Agency overview – Mat Baxter (Universal McCann)
Social Media workshop – Jess Miller (Goody Two Shoes)
Online video and distribution masterclass – Nick Bolton (Viocorp)
Overview of the media landscape and presentation of the 2012 media outlook – Megan Brownlow (PwC)

Saturday 6th October
1.15pm – 4.30pm
AFTRS, Entertainment Quarter, Fox Studios

Here are my slides – most of the screen grabs click through to video or websites

I started off asking everyone what their content consumption patterns were per month eg films bought in store, online, hours watched of tv free to air, subscription tv hours watched, music bought in store v online v subscription etc.
Not one person was buying film or music physically in retail stores, but everyone was buying or renting or subscribing online.
Interestingly, very little illegal piracy was occurring, and I believe everyone was telling the truth! As one attendee said, ‘its all to easy to buy legally now, and integrates into my media players.’

The other outcome I got out of researching this session was that the monetisation tools for content are really about to become ubiquitous. The Tip Jar from Vimeo to me is a real line in the sand – if the world’s second largest free online video platform provider (Vimeo) can integrate payment, surely YouTube will follow soon, and then there will be pay-per-view embed code sharing functionality enabling the producer to publish within their own website. It’s not the holy grail, there’s still a bit of work to do but it’s a step in the right direction.

I’d done 2 hour workshops before, but doing 3 hours was pretty tiring though I thoroughly enjoyed it. The group asked loads of great questions which required me to keep my concentration levels up, and I have a new found respect for teachers who have to do this all day every day.

Additional files:
AFTRS Bandwidth_Calculator_v2-1
Comscore Local and Global stats slides

Red Bull to broadcast freefall from 23 miles above earth

This article appeared in B&T on Wednesday 3rd October 2012

I love how RedBull has re-invented itself as a media house. They’re not just about selling energy drinks. They took the decision a long time ago to film everything in HD and prepare for IPTV.
I’ve been lucky enough to work on RedBull projects like Flugtag, Junior Surf Masters, Dance Music Academy and the Dirt Bikes, and they’re always great fun to work on.
Cannot wait to log onto this live stream.

A skydiver will attempt to break the speed of sound with his own body as part of a new global live stream partnership between Red Bull Media House and YouTube.

The digital broadcast of Felix Baumgartner’s freefall has been dubbed the Red Bull Stratos mission and is expected to take place next week.

The live stream will be broadcast on, Red Bull’s YouTube Channel and the mission’s Facebook page, as well as privileged partner sites.

The mission has been in development for over five years to ensure Baumgartner’s safety during the 120,000 feet fall, and to figure out how to document his descent.

More than 35 moving and still image cameras that can withstand extreme high and low temperatures will be used as will two ground-based optical tracking systems.

Baumgartner will also wear three POV cameras on his body during his freefall.

The mission hopes to provide valuable scientific data and protocols that could be used to save the lives of high altitude explorers above the ‘Armstrong line’ of 62,000 feet.

Joe Kittinger set the record in 1960 with his 102,800 feet freefall as part of the Project Excelsoir mission with the United States Air Force.

Kittinger will be talking to Baumgartner during his fall, with viewers able to hear the radio communication between the pair during the four hour broadcast.

During the broadcast a live data feed will show viewers exactly where Baumgartner is during the freefall, his speed, and how high above earth he is throughout the entire flight.

Red Bull Media House and YouTube will leverage their ability to drive tune-in marketing as well as live stream experiences during the mission.

Médecins Sans Frontieres webcast

Article courtesy of Australian Creative
Article appeared here
Tuesday 1st October 2012

Viocorp thrilled to be providing the live streaming of this event that runs for a month. Cant wait to see the content.

Republic of everyone, @radical go sans frontieres
01 Oct 2012

Sustainability strategy and communications company, Republic of Everyone, has combined its expertise with that of transmedia production company,, and recently launched public relations agency The Bravery, to collaborate on a first of its kind digital media platform – MSF.TV.

MSF.TV launches October 2nd, 12:00PM (AEST).
What is it? It is good tv. And that makes it remarkable. It is for good tv. And that makes it stand alone.
It is a month-long awareness campaign for the independent medical humanitarian aid organisation, Médecins Sans Frontieres Australia, led by Republic of Everyone.
The innovative seven channel platform combines both live and on-demand video content in an online environment. The intention is that it will take its viewers on Médecins Sans Frontierès journeys to Go Where Others Don’t.
“It’s a challenge showcasing the work of an organisation that spends so much time going where cameras often don’t – war and disaster zones, and some of the world’s most perilous places,” said Ben Peacock, founder and partner of Republic of Everyone.

“That’s what makes this project so incredible – for the first time, people can see and hear stories never told before, and they’re accessible online from anywhere.”
The campaign includes film shot by crews sent to South Sudan and Papua New Guinea and a live newsroom. More than 100 pieces of content will be filmed and cut, with all production led by
“This was a great opportunity for us to give everyone a sneak peak of the future of information and entertainment delivery,” said Ian Fowler, managing director of
“As brands try to reconnect with their audiences and media platforms evolve, we see the merging of TV and online being the key development in media over the next five years. To be able to develop a cutting edge solution for one of the world’s great humanitarian institutions was a very satisfying and at times, humbling experience.”
Spearheading MSF.TV are some of Australia’s most engaging media presenters. There are comprehensive PR and social media strategies, and key media partnerships developed by The Bravery.
MSF.TV is socially integrated, optimised for mobile platforms and developed with quality newsworthy content for both media outlets and consumer viewers alike.
“MSF.TV is a perfect example of the evolution that traditional public relations is making and the new space it is claiming – the delivery of cutting edge, creative digital campaigns,” said Claire Maloney, PR director of The Bravery.
“As far as organisations to work with and campaigns to work on, we couldn’t be more excited to launch our agency into market with MSF.TV.”
Digital and animation company, Heckler developed the website MSF.TV with all sound and music compositions developed by Nylon Studios.

Commentary for panda webcast

The Viocorp Singapore office secured a rather unique project with their client Singapore Zoo.
Two giant pandas were being transferred from China to Sinagpore as part of a 20year trade relationship.
Viocorp used our liveBox to live stream direct from the tarmac at Changi Airport and streamed live to the web.
I was asked to do the live audio commentary for the 90 minute webcast which was an extraordinary long time to commentate for, especially with no one to discuss with. The Facebook and twitter feeds accompanying the live stream provided much needed inspiration.

I had to do a lot of preparation and have plenty of fact sheets up my sleeve to refer to. Furthermore, the phonetics of the people and places involved in the event, was a tricky aspect – I had all of them phonetically written on reference sheets to refer to.

For those of you who missed the historic LIVE webcast of Kai Kai and Jia Jia’s arrival, you can view the webcast at The webcast is viewable on all PC, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Metroscreen DIY Distribution panel

Looking forward to talking on this panel on DIY distribution for Metroscreen

You can view and download the slidedeck here off Slideshare

Will add some thoughts about it after the chat!

Imagine having 3 million people see your film or thousands of people paying to download your content. At the next Metro Screen Connect event you can gather together with three industry experts who have helped many independent film projects, TV concepts and online content find and build audiences.

Come along to Metro Screen to hear from practitioners who have been breaking new ground and making their own rules to engage audiences. From DIY screenings to torrent distribution, find out from the experts what works and what doesn’t and where they see the audience building landscape is heading. What are the alternatives to the traditional distribution paths? How do filmmakers connect to an audience?

Speakers include:

John L Simpson, Titan View Media (The jammed, Men’s Group, 33 Postcards)
Ahmend Salama, Creative Director DLSHS (The Tunnel, Cedar Boys)
Nick Bolton, Viocorp, (Australia’s leading internet broadcaster)
Guest moderator – Dean Francis, writer/director

David Jones Fashion Show

A big night in the fashionista’s calendar and a big night for Viocorp – the summer launch of the David Jones fashion range. Miranda Kerr flew in especially for it. Viocorp were on hand to live stream the parade direct into David Jones. Last year we streamed it into their Facebook channel.

Production was trickier this year as Arena were present to film it for Foxtel so the camera crews got quite close.

We delivered it cross platform across web, mobile and tablet (see photo below) and very beautiful it looked too – the streaming quality I’m talking about of course.

Mwah mwah darling

Temper Trap live stream from Vivid Sydney

Temper Trap was the biggest live stream we did at Vivid this year – over 80,000 uniques watched the stream around the world. I know Sweet Disposition and had come across a few other tracks over the years and generally found them rather predictable and safe. Here’s hoping to be proved wrong!

The gig showcased their new album Trembling Hands and was the first time they had played in Australia for a few years I believe. If soaring stadium anthems are your thing, then Temper Trap dont disappoint. Very tight, with some intriguing tangents, a beautifully unique voice from the lead singer, delivering crowd friendly sing a long choruses, this is a band that really could go all the way. They are supporting Coldplay on their World Tour soon – which says it all really. They will sell bucketloads but a tad too middle of the road for me.

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