Sidekick (2011)

In most stories there are four character archetypes, in writer Mac’s imagination there’s anarchy… (a peak into the crazy stuff that goes on in a writer’s mind)

When Pro (taganist) decides he’s doesn’t want to drive any more stories, Sidey is afraid that it will make his existence pointless. He tries to enlist the other archetypes’ help to get Pro back in the game but they’ve got their own issues to deal with. Ant (agonist) is too busy exploring his feminine side, Love (interest) is hell-bent on revenge and Connie’s (conscience/therapist) libido has got the better of her. Sidey finally manages to get them all together and discovers that he has his own story to tell.

More info:

Director: Jim Shomos
Writers: Jim Shomos & Brendan Luno
Starring: Nick Bolton, Richard Cawthorne, Louise Crawford, Mike McLeish, Georgii Speakman, and Max Gudgeon (as himself)
Producers: Nick Bolton, Claire Jones & Jim Shomos
DOP – Bruce Phillips ASC
Editor – Kelly Hucker
Editor additional – Becki Bouchier
Composer – Yuri Worontschak
Music Editor – Emily Rogers Swanson
Sound Designer – Russell Goldsmith
1st AD – Johnny Blank
Production Assistant – Sam Scott
Technical Producer – Pete Garnish
Camera Assistant – Brad Andrew
Gaffer – Johnny Flynn
Sound Recordist – Alex Docherty
Set Dresser – Tammy Knox
Wardrobe & props – Jina Liu
Make-up & Hair – Natalie Burley
Post-production Supervisor – Chad Twentyman
Assistant Sound Designer/Dialogue edit – Alistair Mew
Graphics & Animation – Chad Twentyman
Colour Grading – Jon Barrie & Pete Garnish
Consultant Editor – Steven Robinson
Runners – Jalen Lyle & Ricky Shomos
Data Wrangler – Joel Frances
Continuity/shot logger – Elga Nodelman
Storyboards – Francis Bourke
Vocals on credits music – Susie Ahern
Music Studio
Camera & lighting supplied by
Print Artwork Design – Dean Barnett

Ros Walker, Darrin Verhagen at RMIT, Caroline Logan
at, James Grierson at Stacey Testro International, Melanie Coombs, Jenny Lalor, Simon Green, Nick MacPherson, Simon Holt & Jill Parker at Viocorp, Jo Fletcher, Clemenger Harvie Edge, Cherry Pictures, Amici on Chapel Street, Craig Carter, David Parker, Kristy Fuller, Peter Dixon, Vashti Rosenberg, Jo Buckman, Daniel Schultheis, Open Channel

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