Digital and New Media

Digital Ministry: Digital People: Nick Bolton

Marketing Magazine: ‘Moments with Marketers – Nick Bolton’, August 24 2009

NETT Magazine: How to Make Money with Online video, by Nick Bolton

AusCam: In Depth with Nick Bolton from Viocorp

Digital Media: Viocorp broadcasts straight from The Vatican

Brisbane Times, August 25 2009: ‘In the palms of their hands’ on the iphone and business

Sydney Morning Herald, November 2006: Get shorty – a groundbreaking new online film festival ‘Nice Shorts’ (Scroll down for article)

Bondi Dreaming 2008
Aussie Theatre: The use of multiple sketches allows Levins, Hatton and Green a range of characters and situations to play with passion and humour

Bondi Dreaming 2009

Sydney Morning Herald: “This is a raw and involving piece of theatre…the acting is fierce and focused. 7/10.”

Artshub: you should make a point of seeing Bondi Dreaming: it exemplifies the transformative power of theatre, the reason why a play isn’t something that’s seen or heard, but experienced.

Australian Stage: what makes this production unique is that it’s beautifully stripped back to the bare bones of pure theatrical storytelling

Oz Baby Boomers: Do what you can to experience this. Bondi Dreaming is poignant, funny, brutal, devastating- and unforgettable.

James Waites: In the instance of Bondi Dreaming, it is only fair to say that there is a lot that is interesting and engaging in Sam Atwell’s work. There’s also a fantastically evocative ‘non-naturalistic’ staging from Tom Bannerman; and the live score (percussion only) successfully intensifies one’s experience of the unfolding story.

Crime Scenes
Arts Hub: Bolton’s portrayal of a frustrated middle-class family man, obsessed with time and gun-related massacres, is always compelling, at times funny but more often frightening

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