SET the Play (2013)

SET eflyer

SET is a murder mystery that takes place behind the scenes on the set of an Australian television soap opera.
It takes a satirical look at the ‘glamorous’ world of television, peeks behind the clapper board and examines what is real and what is projected.

Some of Set’s characters believe the hype about their world, some wish they were a bigger part of the world, and a select few work hard to control the world.
Centred around the character of Finlay Jones, Set, tries to uncover who is responsible for Fin’s untimely death.

Like all good ‘who dunnits’ everyone has a motive. There’s Kirra Star, a publicist who spends every waking minute of her day trying to create propaganda about the on and off screen lives of the show’s actors.

Fin’s girlfriend and co-star, Patricia Loxley, who’s really in love with the show’s director, Kieren Kneebone, but can’t break up with Fin because the fans will think she’s a bitch.

There’s Chip Henderson, the jealous ‘other guy’ on the show – why doesn’t he get the magazine covers?
Then there’s the writer, Ira Butt, that everyone ignores, the make-up girl, Shanti, who is in love with Fin and the First Assistant Director, Bettina, who’s in love with the make-up girl.

Was it Bob Carruthers the producer, who is at the end of his tether with Fin, the ‘actor monster’ of his making, or Stella Carruthers, Bob’s wife who can see her husband’s empire collapsing around him?

All will be worked out by the Columbo-esque, Detective Bryan Sizemore… well actually it will probably be worked out by his junior, Leanne Bridges or ‘Stumbles’ as he calls her.

Set begins as a fast-paced mad-cap romp with a cast of colourful characters but as the play develops we discover a gritty underbelly of hard working and ambitious professionals. Each character has their dreams, pain and secrets and are trying to manipulate their industry to escape their pasts and build a better future.

Some are better than others at navigating the professions minefield of egos, etiquette and rules of engagement.

SET by Sam Atwell

Date: Monday 29th April – Saturday 18th May 2013
Opening: Wednesday 1st May 2013
Time: 19:30
Venue: NIDA Parade Theatres
Price $36 Adult $24 Concession

Finlay Jones: Trent Baines:
Patricia Loxley: Christie Hayes
Bettina Reynolds: Katherine Shearer
Keiren Kneebone: Jonathan Lane
Chip Henderson: Wayne Bradley
Shanti Farmer: Isabella Tannock
Kirra Star: Lauren Clair
Ira Butt: Scott Grimley
Bob Curruthers: Ryan Gibson
Stella Carruthers: Suzi Dougherty
Delilah ‘Double D’ DeRouge: Madeleine Chapman
Detective Bryan Sizemore: Christian Willis
Leanne ‘Stumbles’ Bridges: Alison McGirr

Concept: Sam Atwell and Nick Bolton
Writers: Romina Accurso, Louise Bowes, Jenny Lewis, Gary Sewell, Sam Atwell
Set Design & Props: Andrew Boland
Lighting Design: Sara Swersky
Sound Design: Alon Ilsar
Wardrobe: Dannielle Alexander and Olivia Simpson
Make up: Final Checks
Stage Manager: Stef Lindwall
Producer: Nick Bolton
Assistant Producer: Will Harvey
Graphic Design: Jim Hodgson
Choreographer: Linda Gamblin
Publicity: Kar Chalmers
Social Media and Marketing Manager: Danica Burch
Videography: Jonathan Adams
Photography: Kent Mathews

Executive Producers: Sam Atwell, Nick Bolton, Andrew Everingham, Streamhouse TV Pty Ltd

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