The Journey into Sin (2007)

The Journey Into Sin Poster

The purpose of The Journey into Sin project is the collaborative development and delivery of an Independent Theatre Production to be performed at the Newtown Theatre over four weeks from August 21st to September 15th.

For the producers, Nick Bolton and Stephen Carnell, the journey began in November 2006 when a writing workshop was run, featuring a presentation by Louis Nowra. The purpose was to form a core writing team and start thinking about a theatre production in 2007.

In early 2007, Nick and Stephen advertised for writers to create original 30-minute plays incorporating as their primary theme one, some or all the ā€œSeven Deadly Sinsā€ (Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed and Sloth).
29 were submitted of which 9 were shortlisted and read at a Workshop on May 12th. Over 40 people attended this workshop, offering the actors a chance to read the plays outloud, providing welcome insight for the Writers, and giving the actors a chance to shine in front of the Directors. Everyone in atendance had to fill out an assessment sheet for all 9 plays.

Rigorous debate ensued as to which the final 4 would be selected and after all the results were tallied, and Directors were consulted, the final four were announced:

The plays:

Glutton for Punishment by Scott McAteer.
Directed by Alex Byron.
Cast: Georgii Speakmann, Helen Sutermeister, Stef Dawson, and Maurizio Degliesposti

Just Another Tuesday Night by Natalie Lopes.
Directed by Victor Kline and assisted by Susannah Russell.
Cast: Angus McGruther, Belinda Marques, Gary Woods, Sarah Herlihy, Leo Donigan, Sylvia Allewelt, Pearl Tan, Chaan Wadley.

Australian Faust by Conan Elphicke.
Directed by Malcolm Frawley.
Cast: David Richards, Nina Pearce, Nicola Furst, Kurtis Gee, Brenton Amies

Waiting on Jamie Oliver by Gerry Greenland.
Directed by Sam Atwell, assisted by Toby Levins
Cast: Bruce Glen, Alex Greathead, Leah Pappin

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