Evolution of set design and installations

Been blown away with the lengths that artists are going to these days to enhance their live set, especially in the electronic genre, where an artist is often locked behind banks of equipment.

Daft Punk set some standards a few years back with their inspiring pyramid set, which I witnessed at Homebush in 2008

This week in Sydney, we’ve had the Superbien boys projection mapping 3D visuals onto the sails of the Sydney Opera House for the Vivid Festival. Viocorp had the honour of live streaming every night from 6pm – 12pm for the duration of the festival into YouTube, the iPhone app and the Sydney Opera Jouse website.

Another artist at the Vivid Festival displaying impressive vision and creativity was Chris Cunningham though the content matter was of a rather different philosophy. Brutal and disturbing (a few people did walk out), I cant say I was entertained or enjoyed it, but was very glad to witness a true artist at work.

In more uplifting uses of video and technology, sees the new ‘ISAM’ installation from Amon Tobin. This short video gives an insight into the creative process behind the build of the set. Bring it to Australia Tobin.