Speaking engagement at the Viocorp event ‘The Age of Enterprise Video’

Viocorp ran their annual event The Age of Enterprise Video at the Museum of Contemporary Art on Tuesday 1st October 2013.
I was asked again to deliver a session, this time on Developing a Video Strategy Framework, alongside expert speakers from Deloitte, KPMG, RedBull, Melcrum, ANZ, and IOOF.

Watch the video here
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And view the slides here

The Viocorp Enterprise Communications forum brings together digital leaders from Red Bull, Deloitte, BT Investment Management and the IOOF as well as industry leaders from Akamai and Melcrum to share inspiration, strategic insights and practical advice on successful online video strategies.
From research on why video can be so impactful, to inspirational content development strategies, this forum is designed to help you take advantage of the technology trends that the switched on, mobile organisation offers.
Each presentation will be followed by a Q&A session so you can engage directly with our expert panellists.
Keynote Case Study: Red Bull Stratos – Christie Poulos, Former Head of Content (Moving Image) for Red Bull UK
Employee Engagement: Research on Video Internal Communications – Jonathan Champ, Melcrum
Content marketing: 3 Strategies for Video Content Production
In-house studio – Deloitte
iPhone DIY – BT
Production companies – IOOF
Protecting your IP: Online Video Security – David Habben, Akamai
Developing a Video Strategy Framework – Nick Bolton, TEN ALPHAS

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Deloitte State of Media Democracy 2012 report

Deloitte’s State of Media Democracy report for 2012 points to the continuation of platform convergence and the challenges of achieving a consistent brand or product experience across platforms and devices. Don’t give up on free-to-air TV just yet, but we’d like to watch our Internet content on out TV sets as well.

Read the full report here

Deloitte | State of Media Democracy 2012

How are consumer habits evolving in when it comes to media and technology in Australia?

The first edition of the Australian State of the Media Democracy Survey provides a reality check on how consumers between the ages of 14 and 75 are interacting with media, entertainment and information.

This survey reveals a number of key themes, including:

The continuing importance of live TV, notwithstanding the growing importance of ‘my time, my choice’ viewing
The continuation of platform convergence and the challenges of achieving a consistent brand or product experience across platforms and devices
The importance of anticipating consumer preferences to curate the ‘right’ content for consumers
The rise of the tablet and the early signs that is it displacing laptop usage in certain circumstances.
The survey is part of a Deloitte research project which was conducted across the globe, covering Australia, France, Germany, India, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom and United States. The Australian report also contains selective international commentary.


State of the Media Democracy Report

Interactive version (50 pages: 4mb). For optimum use on iPad/iPhone, download in iBooks.
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Full report PDF (44 pages: 4mb) (If file fails to upload, please click hyperlink again)

Slidedeck from AIMIA MIG presentation

Enjoyed attending and speaking at the AIMIA MIG (Australian Interactive Media Industry Association. Mobile Industry Group) yesterday

I gave some facts and stats on the mobile video space, both globally and locally in Australia (via Comscore), showcases our work with Deloitte, Splendour in the Grass and YouTube Symphony, outlined some key issues we find in the mobile video space, and set a challenge for the group to create a live mobile streaming project.

Here are my slides

A more comprehensive version with all the Comscore research is available at this webcast here