Digital People 2011

Earlier in the year I was interviewed by Denise Shrivell for her Digital People series in Digital Ministry.

Digital Ministry have just published the compilation of the 2011 Roll Call – quite an impressive and elcectic bunch

Welcome to the final Digital People for the year where we offer an overview of the 19 profiles presented during 2011. This year the measurement issue has given way to two further themes being exchanges & automation of the digital media trading process & issues surrounding talent, recruitment & training of digital media talent. Thanks to everyone who participated & supported Digital People….

Digital Person: Nick Bolton, in Digital Ministry

Denise Shrivell (@deniseshrivell) from Mediascope interviewed me for the popular digital Person series in Digital Ministry

Welcome to another Digital People profile where this time I’m pleased to introduce Nick Bolton – Head of Media and Entertainment at internet broadcasting company – Viocorp. Nick shares the interesting story of his path into the digital industry and then Viocorp which has gone from the founding team of 4 in 2005 to a growing staff of 70 now – impressive. Video – and everything under this general umbrella – is recognised as a key growth sector in our industry and Nick offers his views from this perspective highlighting current opportunities, challenges and market forecasts. He also highlights a very useful roll of media resources to stay up to date in this sector. A good read…..