Lavolta Digital Bullets – Apps

Apps have become an extraordinary area of innovation in the past few years, initially triggered by the capability of smart phones and more recently the tablet. There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps available for iOS and Android users in particular. The rise of the ‘app-economy’ has given huge power to gatekeepers like Apple that approve and distribute apps and then take a big cut of any revenue generated from them. Is this proliferation and excitement around apps just a brief fizz in a bottle or is it genuinely the beginnings of a trend that will turn the digital world in significant new directions? Where do you see apps going in the next few years? What are the significant trends to watch? Will so-called ‘web apps’ take over from ‘native apps’?
Big thanks to our guests on this bullet.

Tony Faure – Pollenizer, Dealised & Torque
Simon Goodrich – Portable & AIMIA
Steve Fanale – AppVillage
Mark Britt – Mi9
Paul Fisher – IAB
Fiona Bendall – Bendalls Group Digital Intelligence
Nick Bolton – Feverpitch
Peter Williams – Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Tim Burrowes – Mumbrella, Encore, Focal Attractions
John Butterworth – AIMIA
Robert Wong – iNC Retail Digital Network
Hannah Schwartz – Ninefold
Ian Gardiner – Viocorp
Jennifer Wilson – Project Factory
Michelle Deaker – OneVentures
Oliver Weidlich – Mobile Experience
Jane Huxley – Industry Consultant

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First Google Hangout

Google Plus, I’ve tried. Believe me I have. But I just cant be arsed having to update yet another social network, which doesn’t seem to offer anything new or different. Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter and YouTube suit me just fine thanks, with a smattering of Pinterest if I’m in the mood.

However this week Google Hangout reared its head and said Yes I’m Yours.
Had a 6 person hangout with four producers in LA and my co-founder Steve Fanale of Feverpitch

bottom left-right: Glendale LA, Tarzana LA, Lake Arrowhead LA, Bondi Sydney, Maroubra Sydney

All 6 of us had a very enjoyable, buffer free and good quality 6 way video call, with accompanying text chat.
See you skype – youre toast.

UK v Aus Feature Film Industry Comparison

Feverpitch enjoyed a visit to AFTRS for the weekly Friday on My Mind talk, this week with Neil Peplow – see info below
In Australia, it is oft commented that we don’t have the audience size, the budget, the scale, compared to England.
Neil presented the graph above comparing the industry in 2010. You could hear the audience gasp at how in many criteria, Australia is far better placed to foster feature film development.

A Call to Producers: Adapt or Die
Shooting Fish and Waking Ned producer Neil Peplow will provide an international perspective on the current play of feature film financing and will explore the myriad of challenges facing local producers and filmmakers.

A former chairman of the New Producers Alliance in the UK, Peplow has acted as producer, co-producer, Head of Production and Executive Producer on 16 features and most recently the Showtime TV series LA LA Land. Prior to relocating to Australia, to take up the position as Director of Screen Content Division at AFTRS, Peplow was responsible for the UK Film Council‘s new three-year strategy for film: ‘A Bigger Future 2‘.

Neil firmly believes it is more crucial than ever for filmmakers to adapt to a shifting financial landscape, new models for distribution and changing approaches to content creation. He will share with us his experience of working as a producer and executive producer in the UK during a significant time of change.

This session is a must for executive producers and producers.