Supported another crowdfunding opp – Theatre at The Bondi Pav!

Received a Facebook message for a new theatre show from Carla Nirella, who I acted in an online video commercial for Altium a few years back

Now this particular invite piqued my interest on several counts
a/ this new project sounds really funny and something different
b/ its at The Bondi Pav and part of the Tamarama Rock Surfers 2012 season, which I’l be part of later on in the eyar, so gotta support my fellow producers
and c/ they’re crowdfunding it –

I went to the Pozible event in Sydney a few weeks back to get a feel for crowdfunding as the jury is still out for me on a long term sustainable model, but came away convinced I would try it with my next show.

So I had to show a little support to the show and pledged $25. Will be interesting to see how carla and the team go with this model revenue raising method.

Project Description:


The Colour Blind Project are wanting to take their latest production, Keep Smiling! The Housewife’s Guide, a bawdy, farcical, and at times haunting, tale of six women, to the stage at The Bondi Pavilion Theatre.

In development since 2010, this is a tale of survival, but always with a smile. It’s inspired by a selection of female characters written by William Shakespeare – but is no ordinary Shakespearean adaptation.

Think Mad Men-meets-Desperate Housewives-meets-Shakespeare!

Heavily inspired by social and cultural trends and events of the 1960s, the play is also inspired by real stories of real women from Sydney.

Those who have seen the work in development have laughed, cried and been thoroughly entertained and we think it’s time for Sydney Audiences to share in their experience.

Get involved here: