Lavolta Digital Bullets – Apps

Apps have become an extraordinary area of innovation in the past few years, initially triggered by the capability of smart phones and more recently the tablet. There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps available for iOS and Android users in particular. The rise of the ‘app-economy’ has given huge power to gatekeepers like Apple that approve and distribute apps and then take a big cut of any revenue generated from them. Is this proliferation and excitement around apps just a brief fizz in a bottle or is it genuinely the beginnings of a trend that will turn the digital world in significant new directions? Where do you see apps going in the next few years? What are the significant trends to watch? Will so-called ‘web apps’ take over from ‘native apps’?
Big thanks to our guests on this bullet.

Tony Faure – Pollenizer, Dealised & Torque
Simon Goodrich – Portable & AIMIA
Steve Fanale – AppVillage
Mark Britt – Mi9
Paul Fisher – IAB
Fiona Bendall – Bendalls Group Digital Intelligence
Nick Bolton – Feverpitch
Peter Williams – Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Tim Burrowes – Mumbrella, Encore, Focal Attractions
John Butterworth – AIMIA
Robert Wong – iNC Retail Digital Network
Hannah Schwartz – Ninefold
Ian Gardiner – Viocorp
Jennifer Wilson – Project Factory
Michelle Deaker – OneVentures
Oliver Weidlich – Mobile Experience
Jane Huxley – Industry Consultant

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Breville turns coffee into art using live data

Stunning idea. Well executed.

Article courtesy of mUmbrella

Kitchen appliance brand Breville has turned coffee into pieces of art using live data to promote its latest espresso machine, the Dual Boiler.
Called The Naked Espresso, it was launched at the Aroma Festival in Sydney’s Circular Quay, as a demonstration that produced one-off art pieces created by live data from the internal workings of the coffee machine.
The art was created dependent on the flow rate, pressure and temperature of the machine.
The campaign was created by agency Reborn with the live activation backed by an online video of both the science and construction of the art and the festival.

Each design was then available to the Aroma festival goer to download with a unique code.
David Gubbin, Breville business manager said: “One of Breville’s catch cries is “Seeing is believing”, but when innovation occurs by way of precision from within an appliance, we needed to make the invisible…visible. “The Naked Espresso” concept displays the hidden brilliance for all, in a superb, engaging experience that also visually demonstrates the art and science behind the perfect espresso. The real beauty of this is that the consumer can then take the information away with them as they taste the difference.”
David Easton, Reborn’s director and co-founder said: “By working with a forward thinking brand like Breville, our team has been able to craft something that is truly innovative. It not only has the bells and whistles but solves a business problem through a shared vision of creativity, storytelling and actionable innovation.”

The Future of Journalism

Really looking forward to watching this live webcast that we’re producing at Viocorp.

Mumbrella picked up the story:

News Limited: We’re talking to bloggers about paywalls because their influence matters
News Limited will next week continue its paywall evangelising with a live streamed debate aimed at making the case for its digital subscriptiuon strategy.

The format mirrors our very own Desktop Sessions and Future Forums that we’ve been producing for years.

It’s great to see a publisher running with this interactive live format to investigate The Future of Journalism .

We were commissioned to webcast the project by the Edelman PR agency.
You can watch the webcast here

Webcast details:

Duration 1 hour approx.
Start Date Wednesday 14 March 2012 at 12:00 PM
Steve Rubel, EVP Global Strategy & Insights, Edelman
Phil Gardner, Editor-in-Chief, Herald and Weekly Times
Campbell Reid, Group Editorial Director, News Limited
Russel Howcroft, Chief Executive Officer, Australia/New Zealand at Young & Rubicam Brands
Renee Barnes, Journalism Lecturer, RMIT