Welcome to the AppVillage

My Feverpitch co-founder Steve Fanale launched his first app in The AppVillage on Valentines Day.

Talking Bear Hugs is now live in the app store

AppVillage Talking Bearhugs

Introducing “Wafer” the talking bear who loves to laugh and give hugs! Touch the screen to poke and tickle Wafer or ask him to give you and your phone a big hug.

Record your personalized message and have Wafer say it in his own gruff and loveable voice. Save it as a video or share it via email and Facebook.

Perfect for Valentines Day, send someone you love a Talking Bear Hug.

About The AppVillage
The AppVillage mission is to build a community of innovators, designers, developers, project managers, marketers, investors and AppLovers who work together to produce, market and enjoy game-changing apps.
Our aim is to not only foster new ideas but to produce and market apps so that they are successful and all parties involved can reap the rewards.

Lavolta Digital Bullets – Apps

Apps have become an extraordinary area of innovation in the past few years, initially triggered by the capability of smart phones and more recently the tablet. There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps available for iOS and Android users in particular. The rise of the ‘app-economy’ has given huge power to gatekeepers like Apple that approve and distribute apps and then take a big cut of any revenue generated from them. Is this proliferation and excitement around apps just a brief fizz in a bottle or is it genuinely the beginnings of a trend that will turn the digital world in significant new directions? Where do you see apps going in the next few years? What are the significant trends to watch? Will so-called ‘web apps’ take over from ‘native apps’?
Big thanks to our guests on this bullet.

Tony Faure – Pollenizer, Dealised & Torque
Simon Goodrich – Portable & AIMIA
Steve Fanale – AppVillage
Mark Britt – Mi9
Paul Fisher – IAB
Fiona Bendall – Bendalls Group Digital Intelligence
Nick Bolton – Feverpitch
Peter Williams – Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Tim Burrowes – Mumbrella, Encore, Focal Attractions
John Butterworth – AIMIA
Robert Wong – iNC Retail Digital Network
Hannah Schwartz – Ninefold
Ian Gardiner – Viocorp
Jennifer Wilson – Project Factory
Michelle Deaker – OneVentures
Oliver Weidlich – Mobile Experience
Jane Huxley – Industry Consultant

Watch the Digital Bullet here

Dreams of Evolution

Project: Dreams of Evolution
Dreams of Evolution screened as a finalist at “Songs Interwoven of Lights” at the Queensland Poetry Festival, on Sunday 26 August as part of the 2012 QPF Filmmakers Challenge! www.queenslandpoetryfestival.com

“I can think of nothing sadder than a goldfish in a bowl. Swimming in tight circles, such a lonely soul…”

These are the opening lines of Dreams of Evolution, a poem that features in Kate Toon‘s crowd-funded self-published poetry book Gone Dotty.
We’ve all pondered the existence of a goldfish in a bowl. Maybe this goldfish will help us ponder our own existence and encourage our own dreams of evolution to turn into reality.

Writer: Kate Toon
Director: Nick Bolton
DOP: Jonathan Adams
Producer: Nick Bolton
Narrator: Kim Knuckey
Sound Operator: Nick Bolton
Goldfish poo wrangler: Kate Toon
Props: Nick Bolton
Editor: Steve Fanale
Music Editor: Steve Fanale
Grading: Jonathan Adams
Cast: Hercules II

With thanks to Emma Newman, Jim Hodgson, Toby Levins
Format: QuickTime
Ratio: 16:9
Frame rate 25fps
Duration: 3m 54s
Camera: Canon C300

Copyright Feverpitch Entertainment Pty Ltd
Dreams of Evolution by Kate Toon
I can think of nothing sadder than a goldfish in a bowl,
Swimming in tight circles, such a lonely fishy soul.
With your tiny bulbous eyes, that pine to see the sea,
Longing for a little lover, to share your dull eternity.
All you have for company is a silly plastic weed,
Nothing to look forward to, except tomorrow’s feed.
Some pathetic grubby pebbles form your universe’s base,
I see nothing but depression written on your orange face.
Is your memory so short that this all seems brand-new?
Or is that 18-second thing entirely untrue?
Do you ever go to sleep, in the darkness of the night,
And dream of evolution, growing wings and taking flight?
Such iridescent beauty, you’re the bauble of the sea;
If you were my finned captive, I’d be sure to set you free.
Written by Kate Toon
Published in the poetry book Gone Dotty

First Google Hangout

Google Plus, I’ve tried. Believe me I have. But I just cant be arsed having to update yet another social network, which doesn’t seem to offer anything new or different. Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter and YouTube suit me just fine thanks, with a smattering of Pinterest if I’m in the mood.

However this week Google Hangout reared its head and said Yes I’m Yours.
Had a 6 person hangout with four producers in LA and my co-founder Steve Fanale of Feverpitch

bottom left-right: Glendale LA, Tarzana LA, Lake Arrowhead LA, Bondi Sydney, Maroubra Sydney

All 6 of us had a very enjoyable, buffer free and good quality 6 way video call, with accompanying text chat.
See you skype – youre toast.

Bondi Dreaming Trailer is live

Check out

Written and directed by Sam Atwell
Executive Producers: Sam Atwell and Nick Bolton
Produced by Nick Bolton
DOP: Rodrigo Vidal Dawson
Camera Assistant: Stu Heppell
Sound: Danny Corcoran
Gaffer: Dan Young
Make up: Monica Morales
Runner: Tim Burns
Photography: John Dunn
First AD: Steve Fanale
Sound design and music: Alon Ilsar
Editor: Anthony Beach

Cast in order of appearance

Greg Hatton
John McNeill
Kate Ritchie
Alexandra Parkes
Annie Byron

A big thank you to Nic Godoy at Panavision Australia – hire their awesome camera gear from Nic!

Shot in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney on Saturday 9th July on a Canon 5D

The rise of the Web Series

Tomorrow night I attend the screening of Episodes 1 and 2 of the new web series called Relativity.

The concept of Relativity comes from Jonathan Adams at Progressive Pictures. Jonathan was the DOP on my short film I directed The Postcard.

With a fresh, young cast and innovative storylines, Relativity combines action, drama, comedy and science in a thrilling and unforgettable adventure across time.

The story follows four teenagers from different eras brought together by a scientist from the future. As they journey from the age of dinosaurs to the unimaginably distant future, they must work together to solve a mystery that could that could spell doom for the future of mankind.

Relativity is produced by <strong>Feverpitch Entertainment, run by Steve Fanale, who also helped produce The Postcard. I have a small Featured Extra role in Episode two which was a lot of fun.

Watch episode one here:

Web series have been in the press a lot recently.
The sad demise of Hungry Beast was offset with the news that three Hungry Beasties, (Marc Fennell, Nick Hayden and Nicholas McDougall) are launching Coming Sooner, a web series which explores what makes a movie trailer “bad, brilliant or abominable”. Pedestrian TV suggest you watch the trio’s autopsy of the new Twilight trailer below then read on as they discuss the best, worst and most misleading trailers of 2011

Both Jonathan Adams and Hungry Beast, have decided that if they cant get funding, they might as well keep produing content to show thier skills and talent.
To me the web series is the evolution of the TV pilot. It offers the opportunity to provide a consistent format at regular intervals, whilst you attract the fanbase, social networking and interactivity. Of course the key words being ‘consistently’ and ‘regular’ as to do a web series requires persistence, budget and discipline.

At the other end of the scale, today I read in Mediawave TV Cat Deeley has launched her own Web TV series called In the Dressing Room.
Each installment of In the Dressing Room features Deeley delivering fashion, beauty tips, and English-accented adjectives to describe her wardrobe, makeup, and hair, as well as an inside look at the process of how she decides what to wear and how to look.
For up and coming producers, the web series.

This show however spins off the successful So You Think You Can Dance show