Temper Trap live stream from Vivid Sydney

Temper Trap was the biggest live stream we did at Vivid this year – over 80,000 uniques watched the stream around the world. I know Sweet Disposition and had come across a few other tracks over the years and generally found them rather predictable and safe. Here’s hoping to be proved wrong!

The gig showcased their new album Trembling Hands and was the first time they had played in Australia for a few years I believe. If soaring stadium anthems are your thing, then Temper Trap dont disappoint. Very tight, with some intriguing tangents, a beautifully unique voice from the lead singer, delivering crowd friendly sing a long choruses, this is a band that really could go all the way. They are supporting Coldplay on their World Tour soon – which says it all really. They will sell bucketloads but a tad too middle of the road for me.

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