Culture boom – How Digital Media are invigorating Australia

6 months ago I was interviewed by the Boston Consulting Group about digital media in Australia. I spent a very enjoyable two hours over a long lunch dissecting the industry, assessing the key trends and players, and crystal ball gazing as to the future.

Had forgotten all about it when the report got sent to me. Some great research here.
Revenues are up, employment is up, consumption is up, yet stil digital plays a minor role compared to the other traditional mediums. The report forecasts this to change.
And some great case studies – including the work we do for The Sydney Opera House

Download the report here
BCG Culture boom – digital media in australia

Koyaanisqatsi in 5 minutes

Oft quoted in people’s top ten films of all time, the Qatsi trilogy are also quite divisive. After all there is no dialogue for the entirety of the films.

I love them and have watched Koyaanisqatsi many times. I find it quite meditative as well as inspiring.

In 2000, I witnessed the composer Phillip Glass conduct an orchestra playing the soundtrack at The Sydney Opera House, with the film projected behind them. A magical night.

Saw this clip on Vimeo last week of the film speeded up to 5 minutes, with the amazing Art of Noise track Debussy used as the soundtrack, with vocals from John Hurt.

If you haven’t seen the film, watch the film and just think about how it would translate at normal speed.

Sidekick’s Richard Cawthorne wins an AACTA

Glitz and glam ascended to The Sydney Opera House on Tuesday night for the new Australian Academy of Cinema, Television and the Arts annual awards run by the AFI (Australian Film Institute)

When I moved to Melbourne in August 2009 to set up Viocorp‘s Victorian office, we nearly rented a space in the AFI headquarters. I got to spend a bit of time with Damian, Jen and the AFI team and they’ve done a really good job in repositioning the AFI, and in particular the launch of The Australian Academy.

I went to the launch party last year at Sydney which was a great night out.

So when the awards came out, I was thrilled to see my co-star in Sidekick, Richard Cawthorne get nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a TV drama. If you saw his performance in Killing Time, you’ll know why. Utterly engaging and riveting performance.

In Sidekick, Richard also played the antagonist, though not quite to such extremes. Alas Sidekick isn’t available online yet as its still doing the festival circuit. It won a Bronze at the ACS Victoria & Tasmania Cinematography Awards for Best Photography for our DOP Bruce Phillips

Here’s Rich picking up his trophy.

And giving a media interview

And you can see the full list of winners here. Great to see Snowtown do so well. Spotted this great quote on Twitter describing Snowtown:
#Snowtown is either the best worst film I’ve ever seen or the worst best. Fantastic film, horrible subject. Well deserved #AACTA win.

AFI announce The Academy

Enojyed a wonderful event at The Overseas Passenger Terminal last inght to see the Australian Film Institute launch their new Academy, the equivalent of The Oscars.

CEO Damian Trewhella brought in the big guns appointing Geoffrey Rush as President, or Pres as he dubbed himself in a hilarious speech, and Dr George Miller on the board.

Really impressed with the new venture, the research and consultation done to create the new venture, and look forward to the AFI Awards coming to Sydney in January for a three year run at The Sydney Opera House

Here’s the highlights video

Info from the Press Release below
Australian Academy new ‘stamp of success’ for screen leaders
Media can download footage from tonight’s launch event from 11.30pm EDST at:
International interest in Australia’s best film and television productions and practitioners is expected to increase, following the launch tonight of the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA).
Launched by the Australian Film Institute (AFI), AACTA is a dynamic new peak peer assembly for leading Australian screen practitioners. AACTA’s primary role is to recognise, encourage, award and celebrate screen excellence in Australia, in particular through the Academy’s annual awards.
Geoffrey Rush has been named as AACTA’s Founding President, a move which is expected to add international weight to the organisation and its awards from an industry and public perspective.